Today, Something I Like is Aldeburgh. Whilst perhaps not the best beach in the country, not even the best in the county (certainly Walberswick gives it a run for its money), there are few places I could be so happy spending my Easter.

Yesterday, when the sun was far from hottest, we (the family: brothers, sisters, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and more…) set up camp on the beach in front of the house (Orlando) and there we remained all day.

Wine, beer, BBQ and ice creams flowed, and it was only when the sun dropped behind the houses in the early evening that we finally admitted defeat to the cold breeze and schlepped inside to rehydrate and  apply after-sun.

This is just April though, and although I can’t wait for the summer months when the sun really shines and the water is warm enough to swim in, we must contend with the crowds that descend upon the small seaside town for the Aldeburgh Carnival. Really, what I look forward to is the blistery Autumn days with just me on the beach. My beach. My Aldeburgh.


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