Christmas in November

Today, Something I Like is Christmas. In November.

Yeah, okay, so it’s frowned upon. But why? It’s really the only thing that gets me through the long, cold winters. So much so that my seasons go Spring, Summer, Autumn, Christmas. As soon as Mariah Carey’s little tinkley sounds ding dong into my ears and she starts revealing to me how she doesn’t want a lot for Christmas, i’m off; in my own little happy world of snowmen, baubles and mistletoe.

Once Christmas is over, book a little February break so you have that to look forward to for the next couple of months, and then when you’re back from there the temperature is rising and you have spring and summer to look forward to. It’s all about setting little goals. And mine, right now, is Christmas.

It’s cold, it’s dark, one glance outside and you think, “Yes. Yes, quite frankly, today IS bleak and bleary. This IS the bleak mid-winter”. But then you think of the Christmassy things like cosying up with a warming mug of mulled wine, the smells of cinnamon and all the beautiful lights across houses and town centres. How nice is THAT?! All of a sudden it’s OKAY that it’s bleak. It’s ok that it’s mid-winter, because it IS the season to be jolly, tra la la la la.


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