Salt Dough Decorations

Today, Something I Like is salt dough Christmas decorations. I totally hadn’t realised how simple they are to make – what a find! I realise in hindsight I’m not supposed to know how easy they are anyway, as I’m not a mum or nursery school assistant and do not have small children to entertain. But now I know I think it a truly excellent way to cheer up a non-christmassy evening in November.

1 part table salt, 2 parts flour and 1 part water (and a dash of oil if you like). Just mix it all up, knead it for 5 mins or so (to smooth it out), roll it out and retreive your cookie-cutters from that far corner of your cupboard. Cut them out and make a hole through the top with a cocktail stick. I decorated mine with buttons and then it was time to dry them out in a cool oven (or just out in the open).

Salt Dough

Now i just need to find some fancy ribbon to pop through them and my ‘Christmas cards’  for this year are complete. Ta da!


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