Wimbledon Tennis Teas

Tonight’s dinner was in aid of our girls v boys tennis re-match being cancelled due to multiple injuries. Instead, we popped Wimbledon on the TV (come on Murrrrrray!), put on our tennis whites and enjoyed a glass of wine over dinner instead. Pity, did quite fancy getting another win under my belt.

It was nothing too fancy; we just opted for a summer-themed menu consisting of chorizo and merguez sausages, UK-grown & in-season fresh veg in a bid to reduce my massive carbon footprint from my travels (ding ding, 5 points!), a quinoa salad, with a proscuitto, tomato and ricotta tart on the side.

Here are a few snaps of the meal, with recipes beneath the more fancy ones if you want to give it a go yourself.

UK-grown new potatoes

UK-grown new potatoes

Garlic beans and asparagus

Garlic beans and asparagus

We finished on some pud, that was made after a liiiiiiittle bit of wine. At least the presentation proves it was very much home made, but  I think I need to find a better tin so it looks a little bit more tempting. Unfortunately I can’t find the recipe online but I will give this another go soon and will let you know how it turns out.

Despite appearances, this squishy little treat got quickly devoured. Having initially asked for “just a little slither please”, Freddie was soon tucking into his third helping, before scraping all the remaining rich, white chocolate cream off the serving plate! I think he liked it.

White chocolate tart

White chocolate tart

Some colour-emphasis on my tasty tart

Some colour-emphasis on my tasty tart


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