Parting with Pret

This blog is an homage to Pret.

For 3 months I have um’ed and ah’ed over my daily lunchtime choice, but, just over 12 weeks into my job and we’re being up-heaved to pastures new, on the other side of town. Zut alors!!

Who knows when OR where my nearest Pret fix will come from, so I felt it apt to put pen to paper, and share 3 months of research with you.


In 5th position: Deluxe Sushi.
Eat this if: you want a light lunch and you enjoy melt-in-the-mouth salmon.

The pickled ginger and wasabi are cutely housed in 2 itsy witsy trays, and add a little extra. However, if you’re anything like me, watch out; the wasabi makes most of my face water – eyes, nose AND mouth – which is a bit embarassing mid-way through conversation about wedding plans (“please don’t think I’m weeping at how beautiful your wedding will be, as nice as it sounds, I’m not THAT emotionally unstable”)

4th: Hoisin Duck no Bread
Eat this if: You don’t want to consume more than 141 calories in one sitting.

141 CALORIES!!! Yes, it’s that easy to diet, apparently. The lettuce can be a bit questionable at Pret, as you sometimes get quite hard and dry bits, but chomp that down first of all and save the best to last – a little pile of rich, hoisin duck, pomegranate and beans for your last few mouthfuls and you’ll feel like you’re full to the brim and satisfied, without cheating on your summer-body-blitz. *smug*

3rd: Mature Cheddar & Pret Pickle
Eat this if: You like a hearty lunch.

This Posh cheese Sarnie is flavoursome, creamy and filling. If you’re expecting just any old cheese and pickle baguette you will be pretty surprised by this little treat – the pickle is much more like a sweet relish, and it’s fancified with a sprinkle of cress. Good cheese (plenty of it) and mayo to keep it moist. Give it a go, it’s not in my 3rd spot for no reason…

2nd:  Classic Ham & Eggs Bloomer
Eat this if: you like mustard

Don’t be fooled by the extra mustard they wipe across the front – there’s not so much near the back, but it does have a bit of a kick.
This one does what it says on the tin – there’s ham, there’s egg, there’s a bloomer…bish, bash, bosh.

1st: Chicken Caesar & Bacon on Artisan
Eat this if: You like caesar salad

It’s just SO nice! You’d think with that amount of chicken, bacon and salad leaves it would be dry, but NO! It is so moist, and so, so delicious! It has the perfect amount of beech-smoked bacon, matched with italian cheese and caeser mayo, I can’t even make it sound as nice as it is so just go and try it!

Classic Supper Club

Chicken Caesar Baguette

Let me know how you get on with your next Pret – is there something I ought to try?


2 thoughts on “Parting with Pret

  1. My mouth is just watering as you whet my appetite …. problem : it’s too early for lunch; bigger problem: there’s no Pret on my doorstep 😦

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