In the ghetto

Our office has moved to the ghetto. Init.

It was an interesting day, yesterday, as everyone arrived in dribs and drabs having walked backwards and forwards unknowingly past the office entrance, expecting it to be a little less hidden away that it was!  It felt a bit like a school trip to someone else’s office, rather than a move to our own. Fortunately, Melissa brought in home-made scones to make us all very happy. And it did.


Before long, it was lunchtime. Yippee! And because we’re newbies we decided to explore the area to get to know it a bit more. We didn’t get very far out the ghetto, though, as we’d already heard good things about this pub – The Garden bar and grill, just a stones throw away from ghetto HQ.

Garden Bar & Restaurant

photo (2)

Garden Bar &  grill

The setting was so spot-on for our mini summer heatwave, and I could have stayed here all afternoon. Good thing we declined the second bottle of wine, or we really would have done.

grilled halloumi and pepperFood was sensational too. I got massive food envy over the mushrooms on toast (oh not just your average version, this was something really special – i’ll get a snap next time I’m there) – but then MINE arrived. Oh yes, this was the meal of all meals, and food envy magically disappeared. Ping! I happily squeeked my way through my halloumi, squeeky squeek squeek.


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