Digz does Acoustic Mash Up

You know those times you get too many invites for one evening and have to pick just one; resulting in severe FOMO (fear of missing out, for those of you not quite up to speed on this lingo). Well this was one of those nights, and I felt very uncomfortable about it, until I realised I could do BOTH! Woop!

First up was dinner chez Clare, where she went all out a full summer buffet. Clare is a renowned baker, and top of my bread-making list but despite this I was still blown away by the most fantastic tear-and-share bread she made. If you’re any good at making bread you must give this a go – bread with red-tomato pesto, various italian meats, all rolled into little sharey pieces. TOP hosting, miss Clare.

Clare's summer buffet

Clare’s summer buffet

When I was too swollen with sharing bread to consume any more, we headed over to The Clarence, Balham for Digger’s Acoustic Mash Up gig.

The place was heaving, and we had an ace night! I love the Clarence, and I flipping loved all Digger’s fans so it was a brill evening!





The evening ended with Rocket Man (about time too!….For Rocket man, not for the evening to end) and it was great.

That is all because I have lots more adventures this weekend to be getting up to xx


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