Al Santo, Fulham

Oh wow. I can’t believe it’s still only Wednesday. So far this week I have won 2 games of tennis, cycled, lost a game of tennis, cycled a bit more, scored in a hockey game, attempted to play netball and popped a few extra cycles in too. In fact I think I actually have earnt the right to talk about food again now. About time too!

I met up with Foz in Al Santo in Fulham. Actually, that’s a lie because we actually met at West Brompton station and I said “Oh i know a nice little place round here” before preceding to walk in the opposite direction for at least 5 minute before realising. Oops. Turns out I don’t know West Brompton well at all.  I couldn’t check directions though as I was carrying a box (see box in picture below. Don’t ask). So we ended up having a little bit of a stroll, with box, until we stumbled across this cobbled square/triangle …’area’.

Al Santo

Al Santo: Foz and box

A bike I saw

A bike I saw

It was very picturesque really, and with the warmth and hubbub of chatter around us felt like we were sitting in a little Mediterranean cafe. There was also some food.

artichoke, and squid spaghetti

artichoke, and squid spaghetti

The artichokes were really nice but the rocket was a bit tough. Instead, if I go again I’d defo get the grilled squid starter as we got massive food envy when that came out to the table behind us. I had the carbonara main which was again, a little disappointing. That said, Foz’s squid spag was delish and the other starters looked really nice so would be worth another go. Plus it’s really authentically decorated which does score a few extra points.



Fortunately when you’re catching up with old friends and you have so much to catch up on, the ambience and feel of a place often rank a lot higher than culinary perfection anyway; there’s no need to fill gaps talking about your delicious dauphinoise or your sensational sirloin. So, for us, it was all we needed. Next time let’s not leave it so long 🙂


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