Portobello market

Friday was a good day, filled with ice cream. In fact, one of the biggest ice creams I’ve ever seen yet still under a fiver, which is good for London.

I had it from ZaZa, and I’ll be going back there again. I had 1 scoop of mango and 1 scoop of chestnut as I have a bit of a thing for chestnut-based foods after my trip to Corsica.

Gelato Time

Gelato Time
The ice cream was courtesy of my visit to Portobello market, which I’ve not been to before. It had a great variety of trinkets and paraphernalia, and made a great trip for a sunny Friday lunch. We decided it would probably be a great little spot to pick up Christmas presents, but we’ve got a fair bit of time to think about this one…!

Portobello Road

photo (4) photo (3) photo (7) photo (5)

While I was there I also bumped into my cousin-in-law, selling her handmade wares at her stall ‘Petitacosa‘. Impressively she is self-taugh at crochet, using YouTube videos. Unable to sit back and chill when sick, she used the time to pick up a new hobby. Brill!

photo (10) photo (8)

At home-time, I ran to my car and set the sat nav for ‘home’ (still set to my parents address), and drove off. Unfortunately it wasn’t long before I was at a standstill again. Traffic. In the 2 hours it took me to get to the other side of London I barely got above 5mph. Given that sat nav was confident of getting me home in 2 hours, this was not particularly ideal. Must find another route; one ice cream (no matter HOW huge) is not enough for a hungry belly on a 4 hour drive!


Fortunately, as soon as I stepped in the door and was handed a glass of wine and fresh artichoke ‘from the garden’ I realised it was worth my troubles! 🙂


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