Run Rabbit, run.

So this was an interesting evening.

After a day out cycling, we felt that we had earnt our BBQ dinner (and Aspall’s because, like Adnams, it’s from Suffolk too. And I like things from Suffolk).


And look what appeared for our dinner!


Bloody huuuuge, this trout!

And look at these gills – I’ve never looked at gills before so found this quite interesting…

So our protein source was covered. But we needed some veg.
A short trip down the garden would sort that one out 🙂

Mr McGregor

Mr McGregor

Aah I love this veg garden! So much effort put into it every year, to get line-by-line of carrots, beans, peas, sprouts, artichoke, asparagus, sweetcorn, marrow….but it’s worth every drop of sweat because there really is nothing like the flavour my mum and dad manage to get from their home-grown! So much tasty, sweet veg has come from it; including my new very fave – beetroot! I didn’t have a favourite vegetable for ages, but these things are important. So I’m very pleased to have chosen one.

BUT…Ok, this is a big but. LOOK AWAY NOW, if you like little bouncy, fluffy animals.

If you want to keep your vegetable patch in tip-top condition, there are certain things you need to do.


Mr McGregor

Mr McGregor


Sorry bunny. IMG_4687

“What’s going on!”


buuut…you ate toooo many carrots.

IMG_4686So of course the next thing was to get Thumper on the BBQ

Thumper was the Trout. Obviously.

Wrapped in foil for 15 minutes on a very hot BBQ, the trout was absolutely divine. It isn’t summer until you’ve heard Mum going through every dish on the table listing “and this is from the garden, and THIS is from the garden, and this is not from the garden, but it would have been if we’d have planted it, so the farm shop did a good one”….The food was as delicious as ever, and there were empty plates all round, unsurprisingly!


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