More Suffolk Adventures

I’m going to tell you about my Sunday. Or at least offer to, because if you don’t want to read it you really don’t have to. You might prefer to just skim through the pictures as, let’s face it, pictures usually do tell a thousand words. If not more.

So Suffolk Sunday began in quite a typical way (for the fam, at least), with a walk along our ‘old favourite’ route.

This walk really does remind me of being home, and I try and do it every time I get the chance to go back as it ticks off a whole host of Suffolk scenery, from fields and gates, to river and marshes. All within about half an hour.  Here’s a little taster of our walkies…

Sheep in a field

photo 2

Hey there little man...

Hey there little man…

photo 4

So here we were just walking away, having a natter, when I spotted something wriggling in the hedge below the path. We hopped around to it, through the thick grass and over the metal fence, and there we spotted a sheep stuck in the fence.

Mum strode ahead, keen to show her prowess as a farmer’s daughter, and did us all very proud! Well done Mummmmyyyy!

(Holly heard it had horns so “stayed outside the ring”)

Mum releasing the stuck sheep

Be free little lamby, to live a long and prosperous life

The walk continued, all very lovely, as I promised…(a bit on the grey side, granted, but hey ho)

The Creek

So that was our walk. Home, sweet home!

OOooooh and look what Mr Farmer has been growing!!



Yes, BEETROOT, the new fave (see previous blog). I wanted to ‘borrow’ some for my dinner, but that’s stealing so I didn’t. Do you think they’d actually mind if I got one right from the edge where the tractor probably can’t quite reach anyway? Or is it picked by hand? I’m suddenly feeling very ill-educated in the world of Beetroot. Not ideal for a beetroot buff. Keep your eyes peeled for a Beetroot-themed blog post soon, while they’re still in season. Beetroot, beetroot, beetroot.

We got home and had a quick change into cycling gear, then it was time for our next ride of the weekend.


We had a lovely cycle from Martlesham to Felixstowe, and I cranked it up a notch to crown myself QUEEN OF THE MOUNTAIN! Yeeeaaah, so pleased to get another crown!

Queeeeeen of le Montagne

Queen of le Montagne

So we arrived at the coast to have lunch with Grandma, Granpa, Jude and lazy Charlie who drove from home instead of joining our cycle. Shouldn’t complain as he brought my swim stuff.

After lunch it was time to assess the sea, particulary as Hols had been SO keen all weekend to find the sea ad jump right in.

Assessing the situation

Assessing the situation

As you can see, it turned out Holly was happier to just observe me having ALL the fun….

Felixstowe beach

So I thought, “well if Holly isn’t going to enjoy this lovely Suffolk Seaside, then I sure am”. It was…..refreshing.

Braving it

Braving it

Took a few more snaps of Felixstowe beach. Including one that looks like Gramps and Charlie are just having a little chill on a concrete floor. Weird. They were actually on a bench.


Weird lying down (but actually sitting) shot

Weird lying down (but actually sitting) shot. Plays with your mind!

So, that was that. That was my weekend. Time to say goodbye again. 😦

Until next time...

Until next time…


P.S. I like beetroot.


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