Big flavour, small BBQ

In my flat we all live super busy lives, usually passing like ships in the night. So, when I get home to home-cooked dinner from Roomie numero uno it is a real treat!

Last night Em proved what big flavours you can get from a small BBQ


I was spoilt with chilli prawn skewers, barbecue chicken and summer-sweet pepper skewers, with fresh quinoa salad on the side. There was also halloumi, which didn’t fancy staying still on the skewers so cooked fine just on top, as “I couldn’t cook you dinner without halloumi!”. It all had a wonderful smokey barbecue flavour, which I’d urge anyone to do, as the BBQ was just £2 from Asda so it’s easily possible, especially while the sun is still shining!

Although for the few sunny weeks of the year I feel a bit unlucky not to have a garden, we do have a great little balcony, which is all we really needed for a bit of al fresco dining!



…bare feet and all…

Before we lose this lovely weather, make sure you’ve whapped some shrimps on your barbie



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