Bye bye Brommers

Our very little friend Clare is off Down Under in a few weeks so the weekend was full of joy and celebration of her b****ing off.

Just kidding, it’ll be very sad (and strange) not to have her pottering around the hockey pitch with us this year, but no one likes a cry baby so we celebrated instead.

First we celebrated with breakfast…



And bubbles


Then we celebrated with sunshine and paddling




Next we celebrated with more food, in the form of afternoon tea (all homemade, recipes available on request)

Note the ‘awkward turtles’…a new high tea addition


There was cake. And, oh yes, there was Ryan Gosling, swooooon!


With this, we drank watermelon vodka



Although it is a biased opinion as it was made by yours truly, I do believe the watermelon vodka drink was one of the highlights. Certainly for me! To make it you simply need to scrape the inside of a watermelon into a bowl and then wazz it up in a blender (pop an ice cube in first to create movement for the watermelon, otherwise your blades just cut through the watermelon and you don’t get anywhere), then pour it all back into your watermelon and add as much vodka as you see fit. Job’s a good ‘un!


2 thoughts on “Bye bye Brommers

  1. Just ‘WOW’ and more wow-wow ! …no that’s not the kitten/puppy/neighbour’s baby calling…

    TRY LIKING…. Courgette cake as in this much-loved French country tradition: take 1 kilo of courgettes, wash, snip off the ends, steam-cook whole (in colander over boiling water, till just tender, but not mushy). Slice up, and drain off juices.

    Add 4 whole eggs, 4 desert spoons plain flour, 150 grms grated cheese (Gruyere) teacupful single cream, S&P to taste.

    Put mixture into well-greased container (sponge cake tin, say) and cook at Th. 7 for 40 mins, Be careful not to overcook. Stick knife blade in centre… should be firm to the touch.

    Great versatility of this recipe is that it can be frozen and then re-heated and comes out as good as new. Tomato flesh can be added (pretty?) or could be all tomato flesh for a change. E-N-J-O-Y

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