Surrey cycles

After 4 hours sleep, I was particularly unenthusiastic about my imminent bike ride, but then again, what better way to wake me up than a 50-miler through the very breezy Surrey countryside.

Firstly I needed to get some food on board, but had forgotten to pick anything up and my fridge shelf consisted of Lurpak, apple jelly and a large chunk of royal icing sugar left over from Ems cake several weekends ago. This wasn’t ideal. Based upon the fact that ‘if you don’t ask, you don’t get’, i invited myself over to Barkie’s house, where he not only offered me food but went all out for a super-delish and healthy break’feast’.


See? I said it was good! (There was a chunk of bread too but the second it was presented I tucked into it and didnt take a pic) If you want to make this creative breakie, just crack an egg into a halved avocado (the bigger the av, the better, otherwise you’ll have to sacrifice some of the white as it gloops over the edge), then pop in the oven. Add some herbs and seasoning for flavour and serve up with a wedge of bread. Baked avocado has a much more nutty flavour; it’s really good. Scoop the whole lot on to your bread and spread it around, then devour.

It was then time to get moving. We took a train from Clapham Junction, and just half an hour later we were in Eggy Egham. Our route had been chosen by Eve after some quick googling of ‘cycles in Surrey’ so we felt we were in safe hands, relying on someone else’s well planned route. What it didn’t tell us was that the first hour was alongside dual carriageways and crazy-busy A-roads. This got the adrenalin going for sure. Eventually, though, we hit the countryside we’d been looking for. Very pretty!





Cycle, cycle, cycle…it was time for more food. Funny that, me talking about food….
Don’t worry, no photos this time 😛

We came to a fantastic pub, The Queen’s Head, in East Clandon. It had a huge beer garden (with garden Jenga, woohoo!) and the food was all locally sourced, packed with flavour and delicious. It’s well worth a visit on a hot summers day.





Now it was time for the lamb burger to do its work in getting me up some hills….come on lamby, power me up!
We made it up some hills, down some hills, and around some hills too. We even off-roaded through a forest which adds a little bit of adrenalin when you’re on skinny road tyres!





…and 4 hours later we were back in Eggy (Egham). I did learn something very interesting on the way though which you might appreciate me sharing. Cobham and Chobham….not the same place. I honestly thought Cobham was just the posh, silent h, slightly more correct way to say Chobham. Fail. Confusingly they’re only 10 miles apart and sound flipping similar, so definitely a fact worth sharing with the world for future ref.


We got on the train at Egham and I was wiped out. Absolutely drained. So when Barkie offered to chef for me, AND in the comfort of my own home it was music to my ears, tralalallaaaaa!

Baked brown trout, carefully stuffed with lemons and herbs, with pak choi, curly kale and broccoli. And BEETROOOOOOOT! My Sunday intake and output definitely has to have balanced out my Saturday cake&vodka fest…!



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