My favourite restaurant

It’s not every day that it’s your birthday weekend. You’ve got to make the most of it when the time comes – particularly as birthdays are so good for you. Fact: the people who have the most birthdays live the longest.

What better way to celebrate for a foodie like me, than with…er…food? Lunch was a trip to Busaba in Westfield where I had swordfish and my favourite calamari dish ever! I also had raspberry coconut water (vita coco – so tasty and very hydrating).


A little while later I had a surprise brought to my desk, in the shape of this curious little prickle-man. Waitrose finest, with a caramel-flavoured face. I’m sad to say he didn’t last long at all before the chocoholics got the better of him.


I raced home on my bike, to greet Mum, Dad and Charlie at the door and we got ready for my next birthday treat – dinner at my very top favourite restaurant: Trinity. I’ve been going here for years now and still don’t get bored. I always go for the taster menu, as when you find a place that ‘knows food’ you just want to have as much of it as possible, right?! At £50 it’s pretty similar to going for three courses off the main menu so I’d absolutely recommend it. Luckily they change their menu every season, so you can go back time and time again and never get the same dish twice. I’ve been before where the menu hadn’t changed, but just had a nice word with them and they put together an alternative bespoke menu JUST for me, so I could try a whole new selection.

Anyway tonight was all new so I didn’t have to make much of a fuss, apart from swapping one dish over as I really wanted trotters instead of mackerel. I’ll take you through my food now, and if this doesn’t whet your appetite and make you phone them immediately for a reservation, I quite frankly don’t know what will…Image

So to warm us up we had fresh radishes, served with the most irresistible smoked cod roe taramasalata.  After finishing the radishes, leaves and all, I came close to scooping the remnants out the bowl with my little finger, but just in time the freshly baked sourdough rolls came out in all their special triangle glory. One mouthful with cod roe, one with clotted-cream butter: repeat until finished!


We then got a little off-the-menu addition – the most flavoursome gaspacho I’ve ever tasted. It looked really watery but was jam-packed with fresh tomato flavour. Food is simply at its best in the summer!


At this point we still hadn’t seen anything from the taster menu, so it was time to make a start on that. First up, chilled pea and mint soup with fresh curd – and not just thrown together in a bowl in the kitchen, but instead poured smoothly from a classic Dairy Crest bottle in front of you at your table,


Next up was the Mackerel but I’d opted for the trotters, so had a little swap. Both were, as you can see, beautifully presented, but before Mum or I could offer each other a taste of our own we realised it was all gone!



We’re about half way there now, hope you’re saving some space in your tum for this; I did. Next to take its turn at the taste-test was a scallop-filled courgette flower. I used to have these in Le Recreation (another restaurant fave) in France, so it took me back to my summers as a kid, which I loved! Theirs used to be filled with creamed carrot and swede, so scallops was a new idea.


Dad pointed out that the menu was still lacking meat at this point (not for me and my trotters, though) so was glad the Lamb was on its way. This was probably the course that stood out for me the least, but even then it was a delicious plate. It perhaps just lacked a slight bit of flavour compared to the other dishes, but when you’re packing flavour into every other mouthful, maybe just a nicely cooked piece of meat is what you really need anyway?


After all this savoury, it was time for the sweet. A girl will never be disappointed with moist, sweet brownie. What a winner.


Usually you’d eat this, pay the bill, and head home. Not in Trinity though. Just when you think they’ve served up all they have to offer, they bring out the next surprise. And this really was a surprise!


Happy Birthday toooo meeee!!

Nope, sorry, still not finished, we haven’t had the macarooooons yet!


Fit to burst, as you can imagine, but feeling very pleased with ourselves we paid up and said our goodbye’s to the super-friendly waiting staff. That’s another thing that Trinity have got right – the staff are so clued up on the food and wine, and get a say in menu decisions themselves, which really makes them care – and that comes across when you’re being served. At the same time, they remain inconspicuous enough that your glass remains full, without you barely even noticing they’ve snuck in with the bottle – it’s like magic!

Off we headed into the thunder-filled night, and hopped in a taxi not a second too late, just avoiding the tropical thunder storm (until the 7 second dash from Taxi to house which soaked us all!)



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