Something I like: Holland Park

Something I like is Holland Park.
It’s a park I had never thought of visiting until I was invited there this week, but now I’d put it in my top 5 London parks.

The three of us met at Holland Park tube station and walked to Mister Pimpernink to collect our pre-ordered pizza’s; my stroke-of-genius-picnic-food for the evening!

The approach to the park from the station shows a different part of town to what I’m used to. Very quaint and beautiful


Holland Park is actually rather large (54 acres, according to my research). I hadn’t realised this. We arrived at the park from the north, where it felt quite forestry and unkempt, but after rounding one corner found ourself in the Kyoto Garden, a beautiful Japanese Garden where we decided to settle for the evening. Most of the area is cordoned off with rope but we found a quiet and rope-free, grassy spot to tuck ourselves into.



Picnic rug was thrown down, pizza boxed were thrown open and champagne was popped and poured.



To make the park even more appealing we were joined by a very colourful friend.
He did get a bit annoying, particularly when he brought his hareem to join the party, but you can’t deny this is pretty special!





When the sun had dropped well behind the trees and it had got a fair bit cooler we took a stroll and discovered just how much more the park had to offer – from sculptures and human chess sets to tennis courts and a restaurant. Definitely have to go again in the light to enjoy it again and snap some memories without the ‘Sophie pose’ intruding….



Happy birthday for next week Chickadee!! Xx


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