Electric House, Portobello Road

I need to preface this post by explaining that I did start the day with a 45 min gym session, and over the course of the day put in about 20 miles of cycling. I don’t think my output even came close to my input; I ate a lot, but I did try and maintain balance, and “it’s the thought that counts*”. (*this is actually the worst excuse for anything, ever. It’s not just the thought, it’s the execution, process and overall deliverability, but who am I to judge?)

Another point I should highlight is that someone accidentally made the mistake of telling me they love all the photos of food I put on my blog. Sorry for those who disagree, because I have fully taken this comment on board.

Fortunately for the ‘haters’ breakfast was a bit of a non-event. Even I didn’t take a photo of it. In fact, I don’t remember what it was. Probably granola cereal with yoghurt, as that’s my usual, although I’ve struggled to find a good granola near the new office digs. I found a really nice one by Jordans called Super Fruity Granola, which they sold in Waitrose near the old office but unfortunately it isn’t ghetto food, so they don’t have it round here.

The real indulgence began at midday. We had lunch at Electric House – a private members club on Portobello Road in Notting Hill. It’s got a bit of a secret entrance, given away only by the mosaic, tiled floor.


It felt very fancy and civilised, yet with a relaxed and charming vibe that made me feel instantly relaxed. The prosecco probably helped that too, and was important as Caroline’s last single-lady-work-lunch treat.


When the food came out my mouth started watering! This burger had 2 thin patties and melted burger cheese dribbling through each layer, and looked like the best burger I’d ever have the fortune of eating. It was so nice that 4 people from our table of 5 ordered it…


I didn’t.

Talk about food envy!! If I’d have had even a fraction of an idea of how good this little baby was, there would be no way I’d be sitting there with a courgette lasagne. Epic food fail.


Fortunately of the 4 burger-eaters, one let me taste a bit of her burger (to make me even more jealous) and finish of her chips. Told you there was a lot of food! Oh and then I thought I probably ought to test the desserts to ensure I got a good review of the place…
Yeah, no issues with desserts. Superb.

So that was lunch.

But then there was afternoon tea/ cake in the office because it was still Caroline’s last single day with us all together before the wedding.
This cake was deeeeeevine. Passion fruit and creme brûlée cake, complete with a crackled sugary top. Oh yes, hello heaven! It was so, so light that even after my child-bearing-looking-stomach thought it could ingest no more we (both me and my stomach) were both pleasantly surprised at how much room was left for cake!


I’m sorry to say that I then had to go out for dinner. I was good! I had salad! But…there were these fried zucchini sticks that I’d had my eye on. Had to just nibble some (all) of them down.

After dinner I had to make a little detour to pick up some things from a friend so flumped heavily onto my bike and forced myself and my meals to Tills garage. She’s renovating it into a house so I’m not sure it’s even safe to be inside, but there, behind the heavy metal, sliding door, sheltered from the heavy rain, she’d set up a romantic picnic. It was so cute that I had to hang around for a beer. I did say no to the offer of food though. Yay for me!



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