Battersea Food Festival

As my birthday present from Holly, I was taken to the Battersea Food Festival for the evening. It was actually a very quiet affair; probably due to the tickets being a bit more expensive than was probably reasonable. £11 just for entry; no free tasters or food vouchers. Still, there was a whole host of stalls from gin and champagne to pig, duck, cow, fish, lamp cooked in a variety of ways.

We took a tour of the ground to assess what was on offer and returned to the beginning none the wiser about what to have! I decided that, as it was a food FESTIVAL, I’d try something entirely new: octopus curry.


I’ll be honest, sometimes it’s best to stick to what you know. Turns out I don’t like octopus curry. At all.
So much so that I had to copy the girls’ less adventurous option to take away the flavour with some ducky.




It was only then that I discovered something I’ve been unknowingly waiting for my entire life. I kid you not, this surprise came out of nowhere in a shock mirage before my eyes. Liquid nitrogen ice cream. Yes, I agree, “what even IS that?!”


Well, you heard it here first. Liquid nitrogen ice cream is INSAAANELY good. Liquid nitrogen is introduced to the the milk/cream with your choice of flavour and within a minute has been whisked into ice cream. Yeah, great. BUT somehow there is something in this chemistry that goes beyond your average ice cream and makes it THE most delicious, smooth, creamy ice cream you’ve ever had. Seriously, oh goodness, it was incredible. Plus it looks awesome when it’s being made!







I must find out where I can get this again pronto. Thanks Hols, for introducing me to my new very favourite thing!!




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