Slovenia: The Arrival

Most of today was taken up with travelling; we left Stansted at midday for Ljubljana in Slovenia, which is to be our base for the next few days.

We’re not just here on a jolly. Well we are, but there’s added purpose as we’re mainly here for Tori and Pete’s wedding. They got married secretly today but the main day is tomorrow so we met them in the evening for a little introduction to Lake Bled and a congratulatory drink.

The area is stunning. We’re in a little apartment set back from Lake Bled, but easily within walking distance of this stunning lake.

We strolled down to the water and wondered peacefully around it to join the group lake-side.





Most people have been here a few days already so it was the perfect chance to find out what they’ve been up to before the wedding, and has given us some great ideas for the coming days. The main thing we have in mind is swimming in the lake and tobogganing down the man-made, metal runway!





We ended the evening with deliciously fresh pizza and less-delicious schnapps before it was time to turn in to get our beauty sleep for the big day.






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