Slovenia: The Wedding

Tori and Pete are MARRIED! And I’m under strict orders from the newlyweds to get this blog up pronto, so here we go…

The day was perfect. Sure, that’s what most people say about most weddings so perhaps sounds like a cop-out description. But were those weddings being held in a church, on an island in the middle of a stunning lake that you were rowed to in glorious sunshine? Probably not.

The day begun lake-side, where we were met by the boats that would transport us across the water. In we hopped and off we floated.


The row took about half an hour and was such a great way to start the day, especially as motorised boats aren’t allowed on the lake so all you could hear was the rhythmical movement of the oars and the water lapping gently against our boat.

We hopped off and climbed the 99 steps to the church, where there was just enough time for a walnut ice cream to cool me down before the service began.


Before long the bridal white dress was spotted nearby so we were ushered into the church to take our seats.


As everyone turned their heads the tears of joy fell down the bride’s face…and the groom’s too as Tori made her way down the aisle. She looked beautiful, and so happy. The ceremony began and included some good hymns to sing along to and a reading called ‘The One’ which gave me goosebumps. A really nice part of the wedding was when a rope was handed to Tori and Pete for them to ring the church bell themselves. We should do that more!


After the ceremony we gathered outside for drinks in the sunshine with the bridal party…and tourists in their bathers! Slovenia hasn’t been introduced to swimming trunks yet which was unfortunate for the wedding photos!


We had a great big team photo on the steps before heading back to the Toplice hotel for the reception. The theme of the wedding was red, white and blue and The Olympics because that’s where Pete proposed. You’ll also spot numerous swan references as that’s the name of the dodgy-looking/smelling club they were so fortunate to meet in!


After speeches we toasted the couple with our personalised bottles of Jaegermeister.


The first dance was an excellent mash up of “we found love in a hopeless place” (see reference to ‘The Swan’ earlier) and “don’t stop believing”. After this we all took to the dance floor for the rest of the evening. Only pausing for more jäger and for the spectacular wedding cake; two cakey swans but the inside was ICE CREAM!! Yummmmmmm!!


Gave myself brainfreeeeeeze!!


At about 5am we were asked to leave the hotel so continued the party in beautiful lake Bled. We were joined by the bride and groom in time to see the sun come up. What a day!!







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