Slovenia: Tri training

It’s only now that 30+ closest mates have become 4 that I’ve realised how little I’ve explained about this tiny little village and how brill it’s been to have it filled with all our mates. Bled is a town of 5,000 people. This isn’t very many people, so when a wedding of 100 people takes to town it was hard to walk to the Mercado for morning milk without spotting your mates out and about. It’s been so much fun!

The group shrunk slowly each day as everyone took to the skies to head home so last night we had our last night together before the Famous Four were left to our own devices.

Here are my delish stuffed squid (stuffed with prosciutto and smoked cheese, like a dream) and Goose sampling the local saucisson. 20130821-215135.jpg

So, left alone I had to find some ways to keep myself busy. And I think I’ve achieved that today. The 7am alarm got us up for a swim to start the day. We swam out to the church and back, tearing up 1,500 metres to burn off some of last nights grilled squid. It was beautifully quiet and warmer than you’d think too!


After this Eve joined me for a run around the lake which was another thing on my checklist and we did it at a fairly decent pace given neither of us have run for weeks, if not months. A lovely way to speedily see every angle of the lake!

After lunch we took a stroll to the castle, which took us up an old, woody forest track. A lovely walk (but would recommend trainers instead of flip flops), and stunning views across our new home: Lake Bled.

At this point I was two thirds into my tri training and the others were off for massages so I hired myself a mountain bike and took myself off on a little ride.

It was a beautiful ride that took me from Bled, through Lesce, Hraše, Rodine, Smokuč, Breznica, Žirovnica, Breg and back to Bled – crossing varying terrains and climbs/declines.



I was having a great time, following the map with ease. There were written instructions in English but for the reverse route, which the lady warned me to avoid as it was a huge hill, so I didn’t bother using the instructions. I flew down the hill, realising what she meant by the gradient and length. But at the bottom persuaded myself that for training purposes for my 5-day Alps trip next month I should turn around and go back up for practice.

At this point in the route I’d stopped making friends to take photos of me so decided to sneak a reflection shot in (is this still a ‘selfie’?)

Once back at the top I kicked myself for not bringing water. How stupid, it was boiling. Oh well, there wasn’t long left. Back down the hill I went to continue my ride back, back past the point I’d turned around at for ‘training’ and round a bend. Dead end. Nope not even joking, I’d gone wrong. I checked the map but the lady had a big biro mark over the important bit so I couldn’t even check properly. After resorting to data roaming charges I realised I’d gone horribly wrong. Not horribly in the sense that I was far off, as my correct turning had been just feet away. Wrong in the sense that I was back at the bottom of a hill I’d just climbed fully once!
Off I set, getting more and more parched by the minute. I corrected myself and continued the winding, hilly journey back to Bled. This took me through Breg (“sounds like Greg” – I was getting delirious with thirst) which in itself was tricky to navigate as roads keeps splitting without signs and all I wanted to see was a sign for ‘mercado’. I didn’t pass a single one. Where on earth do people from Breg-sounds-like-Greg buy their coffee? (Or fanta limon, my chosen hallucination). I finally reached the end after 15 miles that felt like 50. I’ve never drunk a fanta limon (or Slovene equivalent) so fast. ‘Home turf’: marvellous. (Spotted my error?!)

The Thai massage/limb-attack could not have come soon enough. When I said to her “use whatever force is necessary to fix up my back” she took it to heart. Boy will I be bruised tomorrow but at least my canyoning pains have eased up. The full days phys plus several glasses of vino are pretty much the recipe for a good night sleep, so that’s exactly what I have in mind. Night! X


3 thoughts on “Slovenia: Tri training

  1. What a girl! What a whirl! Seriously ‘drought_ed’ Can’t exactly say you had need of a spring (?) , you already have that in plenty, 7 and 20.

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