Slovenia: Škocjan Caves & Piran

It was finally time to leave Bled and explore more of the country. We packed up our things and squeezed ourselves back around our bags into the car. Our destination was Piran, but Slovenia have got some pretty awesome caves that we wanted to check out first, so we stopped off to see the Škocjan caves just outside Ljubljana.
We opted for the guided tour as it meant you could see more of the caves, and the history was interesting to hear too. If you do go you’ll want to take a jacket and trousers as it gets a little chilly down there, as you can imagine.

I’ve found some images online as photography was banned inside the depth of the caves.

I wasn’t sure how impressed I could be by caves but these really were rather spectacular. There were stalagmites and stalagmites as far as the eye could see, which WAS far as the caves were huge. There were separate cavities of the cave that we were taken through, each slightly different from the last based on how the formations had been created. With the lights they’d used in the cave there was a magical light cast on many of the stalagmites, making them look almost like eroded Egyptian sculptures rather than geological formations.

The trip took about an hour, following a newly built route, since the old one was submerged in the 60s when the water level shot up during heavy rain. I can’t imagine how a cave that size can ever fill up though.

Once out in the open we were able to walk around the vicinity of the cave where there were waterfalls and great drops of cliff.

I then FINALLY got to try my first slice of Slovenian cream cake. It was delicious! Vanilla custard topped with thick cream, and a local beer to wash it down. That gets a big thumbs up!


It was time to head to a new town so we tootled off to the coastal town of Piran. Although it is in Slovenia, with the Italians holding on to much of Slovenia’s coast it felt more like an Italian town.
Our hotel balcony overlooked the harbour and was conveniently located at bar-level for our hotel bar. We sat back in the comfort of our own terrace whilst wine was passed sneakily over to us from the barmen.

For dinner we headed to Piran 2, which was recommended by a few online sites. I was in my element with all kinds of interesting seafood to try out in my special bib. Ange was less impressed however, in finding out that a tomato salad really was just tomatoes. Cabbage salad, similarly, was….just a bowl of cabbage. Mmmmm!

Before heading home we went exploring through the streets of Piran. Like everywhere else we’ve been in Slovenia it felt so safe. Everywhere was well-lit, and it felt very secure. We’ve been leaving bags of valuables out while we go swimming without any concern as you know it’ll still be there when you return.
There’s something about the lighting at night here that I found made the buildings look very beautiful.



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