Slovenian Poem

Not only is she one of my biggest blog fans, but my Grandma (Nannie) has kept thoroughly up to date on my recent blogging antics and has written a poem that sums up the first part of my Slovenian trip nicely. I liked it. As ‘Something I Like’ it seems apt to share it here! Just one more blog from my Slovenian adventures left to share (on Piran, Slovenia), but in the meantime, here’s a poem that you may like!

Bonnie… I’m
Loving the enthusiasm
But do beware the unseen chasm?
With its mountains and lakes
Bled clearly has what it takes
Mountains, their own magnetism
Calling you ever higher…
It’s tempting to go further…
Extend the pleasure
Observe the flora
Is that the Woolly Thistle?
Can it be, there, in front of me
the Cirsium Eriophorum
Will need the book to see…
Someone is calling me…’Bonn-ieeee, come down now!
Or we’ll be lost…’
Hearing far flung friends’ voices…
Making  choices
Turning to wave goodbye
to the mountains and clear blue sky
the enthralling panorama
Even though I’d rather
Go to bed in Bled, extend my stay…
Just one more day…
But…I call out ‘coming, coming’ –  homing
Retrace my track, with full heart, singing, singing…


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