On ya bike! This time tomorrow…

This time tomorrow I will be on my bike, pedalling hard on Day 1 of the Via Claudia Augusta cycling trip. I’ve been asked numerous times over the last few days if I’m nervous. Yes, I think I am. But it’s just a fear of the unknown as deep beneath the nerves is a bubbling excitement of what’s to come!

My flight leaves at 6am tomorrow, so I shall be setting my 3am alarm tonight, fully packed and ready to go. But what to pack?!

I’ve piled up my cycling jerseys, padded shorts and shoes. My helmet is with my bike on the van making its way across France as we speak but I’ve still got that niggling feeling I’ve forgotten something.

I need your help!

I’ve laid out my packing pile in the hope that with a few hours left to pack, you can shout out if I’ve left anything off! So here we have it:

Cycling tour packing list VCA

VCA packing list

  1. Reskin: This did a marvellous job of preventing the chafe. A small, but worthwhile, investment. (Chamois cream is with my bike as wasn’t sure if that gets included as a ‘liquid’ when I take my hand luggage through the gate..).
  2. Lipgloss with SPF: So long as it has some SPF in it I don’t see why you can’t gloss up?
  3. Passport: In date? Check.
  4. Nurofen: It’s the knees I’m worried about. This should keep any threatening inflammation at bay.
  5. Spare inner tubes: Have only ever changed a flat once, un-aided, so hoping not to need these.
  6. Gloves: Comfy, prevent any hand-chaffage and make me look like more of a pro.
  7. Waist bag: Definitely prefer to cycle with kit stacked around my waist, rather than weighing down my shoulders and putting pressure on my arms. Pleased with this little purchase.
  8. iPhone holder: Haven’t managed to invest in a bike attachment so this running one can be quite well secured to my handle bars if I need quick navigation tips.
  9. Cycling glasses: Those pesky bugs won’t stand a chance against my mirrored glass. Hurrah!
  10. Sports Watch: Check when it’s time for a sandwich.
  11. Torq bars: Keep those carbs up when it’s not time for a sandwich.
  12. Tissues: Serious nose-running issues now I’m breathing through my nose (further bug avoidance). No one likes a sniffer.
  13. SIS energy drink tablets: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.
  14. Ear plugs: Yet to find out if Uncle Nick is a snorer. Can’t ever be too cautious with these matters.
  15. Energy gels: quick-release sugars for when another mountain springs up out of nowhere.

Plus, not in shot, I’m also packing my foam roller which I think is going to become one of my closest allies in getting me home in one piece!

Does this look about right?

If you have any bright ideas of what else I can pop in, now is the time to say…please!

“There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.” Sir Rannulph Fiennes

And here is my fundraising page if you’re feeling generous x


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