VCA Day 1: Sun cream? For rain?

Thanks to everyone who spotted I’d missed sun cream off my packing list. Didn’t need it though. Certainly not for day 1.

So 3am alarm, 6am flight, 9am arrival in Munich then 3 trains to Fussen.
First ever visit to Germany. Had to have a pretzel.


So, train > flight > train > train > train and yet it was still bloody raining. Might as well have just gone to Yorkshire. Fortunately we were soon reunited with our bikes to make everything ok. Yay! The excitement was only slightly lessened with the discovery of a very flat back tyre. Oh and the rain. Still raining. Fortunately being by the van we had all the gear we needed to get our bikes in full working order.





Before TOO long tier 1 were ready to hit the road! Had to be in pink, didn’t I, as the only girl! (Oh and….because it is ME after all!)


Off we set. 4 minutes in and my chain was making an awful racket. I don’t know the technical terms but the plastic disc that sits behind the gears on my back wheel had snapped and was causing all sorts of problems. We had to rip it off. This meant that for the remainder of the day I couldn’t go into my easiest gear. AND IT WAS HILLY!!! Consequently I’m going to get strong so…whatever.

Once we sorted this we started moving again only to stumble across a route we had to carry our bikes over. It was all just going swimmingly. And then it started to rain again. Well, look, I’m not going to make a fuss as this is a charity event so it’s mean to be a challenge…so, head up, rule number 5.

It was a, mostly, beautiful route. The biggest problem was the wind and rain which soaked me through and gave me a chill to my bones that I could not shift. The benefit of the chill was the inability to feel what was hurting so I took on the hills pretty well. Oh yeah I got another flat half way in, which was annoying but let us catch our breath.

My favourite bit was smashing it down a winding down hill mountain pass – top speed of 53mph (can’t have been that fast actually but thats what Strava says and it felt close) AND queen of the mountain!! The roads are so open that you can see around bends and so no need for brakes: immense! My speed was held back by the inner tube replacement from earlier not being as pumped as it could have been.

We also hit a beautiful stony road alongside a clear, blue stream that was stunning to ride along, even in the rain.

To end the ride I got another flat. As it was only a mile or so from the hotel I jogged back with my bike and jelly legs. Very grateful for uncle Nick on hand to fix it up again for me.
I think I might need to get my bike serviced?!

Here are a few pics from our day out:















And that’s it for Day 1!



4 thoughts on “VCA Day 1: Sun cream? For rain?

  1. As my father, Walter Smith, always used to say – ‘the brow of the hill is not the brow of the challenge, Don’.

    Make of that what you will.

  2. Well Bon, once you’ve warmed-up, pumped up, filled-up on the carbs, reckon you’ll be ready for Day 2.

    Hope the tyres don’t tire too often… a recipe for that sinking feeling. Never mind, Nuncle’s v resourceful, will make do and mend , help you round the bend etc.

    Shame your’re not solar powered as you write. Will be glued to the meteo man tomorrow to see if there’s any cause for optimism there… Meanwhile the pink colour looks warming xx

    AGB and himself

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