I’ve banged on about hills enough over the last couple of posts to get my point over. I won’t bore you, but we did start with another grueling hill. It was a really, really long hill. But, wow, it was worth it!

Pictures tell a thousand words – just check out our descent!!!




After that we were onto the flat run into town – 40 miles of flat and straight roads.

I never thought I’d say this (Guy, I concede, you might have a valid point…) but in some ways the flat can be a bit boring, and although I think I would have broken down in tears if I’d have seen another hill, 40 miles of flat, flat, flat beside busy roads did get a little arduous – hills aren’t perhaps so bad after all!

In fact the road was so monotonous that when I took the return journey back by bus to catch my flight that evening it all looked entirely new to me. It was only when I saw the petrol station we’d stopped off at for a quick re-fuelling that I realised I’d done this whole trip just hours before. Seems a bit daft to cycle all that way and not remember anything you saw!


With the end in sight some of the guys set off on their own super-fast train, reaching massive speeds as a group that I couldn’t have held on to. A few of us took it a little steadier and after a bit of navigation through Treviso found the others a few kilometres ahead finishing their last-leg pints.


We joined up, donned our team kit and rode into Mestre together. At last, we had made it!!!

I was so relieved/happy/proud. I was exhausted, aching and tired but will DEFINITELY be doing something like this again! At times it was horrible and I wanted to cry and throw my bike off the side of the mountain (which was made worse by the fact that I know I would never give in to the mountain, so continuing on and up really was my ONLY option), but the harder the challenge, the better you feel at the end having achieved it. Wahoooo!


(These are according to Strava, and have come out quite different to some Garmin stats. Average speeds aren’t great but my elevation figures are significantly more impressive than Garmin so go with it!)

Day 1: Fussen > Imst
40 Miles
Av speed: 11.3mph

Day 2: Imst > Glurns
68 miles
Av speed: 11.1mph

Day 3: Glurns > Trento
101 miles
3,000 ft
Av speed: 12.6mph

Day 4: Trento > Feltre
60 miles
Av speed: 9.1mph

Day 5: Feltre > Mestre
68 miles
Av speed: 13mph


So that’s it from me on my VCA challenge….until next time x

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