Mum’s Rescue Remedy: Lemon, honey and ginger

As the hours of sunlight have diminished, so too have our readily-available supplies of vitamin D. It’s pretty rubbish. Don’t get me wrong; when you’ve an open fire blazing, blanket on lap, Downton Abbey on TV and a rich and full-flavoured red wine in hand, you’re thinking, “autumn and winter get a lot more stick than they deserve…this is aaaalright!”

BUT, then that tickling tingle starts in your nose…it bubbles up…you squint your eyes and nose together…your mouth opens up in that incredibly unattractive half-sneer and….ACHOOOOOOO! It’s happened again, you’ve got another cold.

If you want to avoid a cold I can’t recommend Vicks First defence nasal spray enough. I didn’t get a cold at all last winter which I put down to blasting my nostrils with this stuff every time I felt the first signs coming on. Unfortunately the sneaky little germs got the better of me this year so today I treated myself to my Mum’s rescue remedy in the hope of being fighting fit and back to my normal self by tomorrow.

Here is how to make it, but the instructions are really more of a guideline as you can adapt according to your own taste. 3 tbsp honey keeps it quite bitter from the lemon, and spicy from the ginger to kick (yet soothe) the back of your throat, but it might be too sharp if you’ve got a sweet tooth. Just taste as you go.

1 lemon
3-5 tbsp honey
A piece of ginger about the size of your little finger

Slice up the lemons and ginger
Pop this all into a pan of water (about a pint of water) over medium heat
Add the honey and leave to simmer for about 10 minutes to get the flavour out of everything.
Serve in a mug and feel better soon.








And what better to eat with it than a hearty chicken broth soup.
For the soup I simply combined the following to a pre-made chicken broth: cannellini beans, fried pancetta and noodles. The noodles were shirakiku shirataki noodles – zero calories! I know, madness (even took a pic to prove this isn’t a made up fact). Delish combo.







Come on then Winter, bring it on!


2 thoughts on “Mum’s Rescue Remedy: Lemon, honey and ginger

  1. Lovely grub there Bon!

    And for the coughs and sneezes, the lemon,/honey/ginger recipe you give, has a long pedigree as a soother and smoother of the epiglottis etc. Feeling at death’s door? Try the good old remedy of Friars Balsam. With a few drops into some hot water and a small tent – like shroud (!) over your head…sit at a table and inhale the vapours, known for clearing the nose and sinuses…

    Careful! Don’t have too much hot water in a tippy bowl, as in your fragile state it may not be just your nose that’s are unclear, but also your eyesight..

    Meanwhile a happy ending to your sneezing and wheezing …excuse me…er… I’ll just get my-my tissue… Ah-ah tishou…


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