Wimbledon Sunday food market

I found somewhere amazing! OK I didn’t find it, I was taken there by someone who knows me TOO well!

Ah it was wonderful! Wimbledon’s Sunday food market on Plough Lane (by the dog track). It’s only little but it has a superb array of fresh meat and veg at crazy-cheap prices. I love a good bargain, me.

First up, we visited Charlie. Quick low down on Charlie is that he supplies the meat to M&S and the likes, and comes along to shift his excess stock at the end of each week, so they say. What makes it brilliant is that he does it like an auction:

“See these two breaded chicken fillets? £8 in M&S I’m going to give you …[starts to load up about 16 of the things onto his scales]…all these, for, wait for it, TEN POUNDS”.

Ten English pounds for all that? I’d quickly started to plan 16 recipes for breaded chicken in my head, “Charlie, I’ll take them!” I yelled, as other punters all flocked to the front of the queue. I only went for a few chicken breasts and before I knew it I’d spent thirty quid with him! But it’s all in the freezer (steak, chicken, breaded fillets, you name it) and it’ll last me until Christmas. Plus it’s such a great atmosphere as he laughs and jokes, and the crowd joins in, “the lamb, do the lamb!” that it’s worth a visit even if only to put a smile on your face!



Next up we needed our veg to supplement all the meat. It was all really colourful and fresh – the sort of veg you might find in Waitrose, but at twice the price. Barkie loaded up his basket with all sorts and then said, “Hey Bon, check this out…..excuse me, how much for this please?”. The lady went through it all, adding more at his request from the full display behind her….”that’ll be….£9 please sir”. NINE. POUNDS.

Seriously? It was 2 full bags of veg! 20131028-203247.jpg


Thought I’d take a snap of my breaded-bargain. Doesn’t quite do justice to how many there were in there.


And my veg. Just a tenner for all this. 20131028-203402.jpg

I had to make a little run for it, as thought they might cotton on to how much I’d just bought for £40. I could barely carry it all.

I know it’s just food (“just food”? Is that a thing?) but it highlighted the heavy supermarket mark-up and I want to go to this place every week now. Old before my time?!

It’s mainly all still chillin’ out in the freezer at the moment, but here’s about a third of my £10 steak bag. So….yeah, £1.50 a steak or something silly? Look at the freakin size of them!!


I urge you to go. In fact I will drive you. Who’s joining me on Sunday??


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