Fresh Tomato Soup


Although I’m home under slightly unfortunate circumstances, you’ve got to make the best of a bad situation. Today, the best thing I’ve done is make home-made tomato soup.

There were some lovely, fresh tommies kicking around in the greenhouse that Mum was fretting over from the confines of her hospital bed. I decided it might be rather nice in this blustery, cold weather, to rustle up some tomato soup. 20131102-103552.jpgA few wrinkly ones were added to the mix from the fridge, as they would be perfectly full of flavour and just right for soup.20131102-103608.jpgI roasted them off in a pan with some garlic for about half an hour – chucking in all the shapes, sizes and colours together. I love how bright they looked!20131102-103644.jpg

20131102-103841.jpgI added the tommies and garlic to a pan of bubbling stock, and left it simmering for half an hour. I love being back at the AGA!20131102-103855.jpgI chucked a handful of basil in too, as tomato soup without basil is like fish without chips, really. 20131102-103922.jpgThen I just whazzed it up with a hand-held blender, and popped it through a sieve to remove the seeds. 20131102-103935.jpg

Ta da! Yummy soup!

Serve up with a swirl of cream and a sprig of basil. Hearty goodness, from branch to bowl in no time at all!



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