Flying Emirates

When Jen announced she was going to be moving to Auz, 9 months ago I was quite sad. To quantify my sadness I’d put it at about 9 out of 10. A fairly high score as you’d expect when your best mate ups and leaves you, but still room for improvement – you should always hold a little something back. Plus might need this margin for error in place if she gets annoying this week. (Apparently she’s “changed” and become “really quite bearable to spend time with”. We’ll see.)

To make sure we would see her angry little face again soon, we decided to book a holiday. This is a little intro into the next couple of weeks of me banging on about our holiday – to put it into context etc. A fair amount of research went into our trip – where was nice to go in November? Where could Jen fly to as easily as Hols, Sarah and I could? Where was it safe to send 3 blondes and a ginge (or “light brown”) to travel?

After a few weeks of research, a plan had been formulated. We booked the flights, we planned a route, we were heading to….The Philippines!!

Who could have known that 8 months later the archipelago would be turned from stunning beauty to chaos and devastation just 1 week before our trip? We were stumped (but also incredibly lucky not to have been there that week). Our flights weren’t refundable and we’d put so much time and preparation into the trip that the thought of cancelling it was so tough. After much deliberation, though, we decided we could not go. The country was in a state of ruin and desperation and the last thing it needed was 4 giggling girls swanning around in bikini’s. A change of plan was required. Several phone calls later, including a couple of Emirates representatives with no clue of any problems in the Philippines (“what problem? Oh I’m terribly sorry to hear that”…where have they been?!) we all managed to arrange refunds on our non-refundable flights. Result!

The following 173 emails about where we would go instead (made harder by me having spent 4 months exploring SE Asia already) were a little bit exhausting, to say the least, but we ended up coming full-circle and agreeing that Malaysia would be lovely at this time of year.

So, that’s where I am. Malaysia.

Hats off to Emirates for letting us change our flights. That was excellent. Leg 1, from Gatwick to Dubai was also excellent – films (squeezed 3 into 7 hours. Nice!), wine, comfy seat – a lovely flight overall.


Unfortunately, leg 2 was, at best, disappointing. The plane was old-school! We were lucky enough to have the front row of economy so lots of leg room for my long ol’ legs, but it was verging on falling to pieces! I had been SO excited about my next film selection, only to find that the TV box was one of those old systems that you just watch whatever is on.

Oh wow, listen to me, what a TV snob hey! It’s amazing how things have changed that we’re so used to ‘on demand TV’ that having to suffer the frustration of watching Bourne Identity from part way through was almost unbearable! But I really did expect more from Emirates so wasn’t best pleased.

3 hours sleep later we arrived in Kuala Lumpur and were at last reunited with Jen. Yay!


So that’s where we’re at with the trip so far. First stop: Kuala Lumpur. More on that to come shortly.
Bye for now! X


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