Kuala Lumpur: Going Up

We began the day a man down. Tourists 1, Jet lag (read “hangover”) 1.

Our trio set off into the sunshine again and once again hopped on the tube. This time we headed to KL Sentral where we picked up a half hour train to Batu Caves. We’d been advised to allow 2-3 hours for them. What a load of rubbish. The steep steps took about 15 minutes to climb, and only took that long simply because there were distractions along the way….





The caves weren’t nearly as spectacular as others I’ve seen and could, quite frankly, do with a bit of a scrub down. Get a pressure washer on them or something. The metal railings everywhere looked like scaffolding and added to the run-down feel. We stayed for 2-3 minutes before turning around and coming back.



On the way back I learnt that I need more courage in my conviction as the girls mistook the large “Keluar” sign as the station name (it just means “exit”…!) and made me get back on the train. Ended up way out of town and had to get a taxi back. Silly.
We had a quick change and headed over to get to our reservation at Atmosphere360, a revolving buffet restaurant up the KL Tower.

We had been warned the food wasn’t great, so set our expectations low which meant we were actually pleasantly surprised! They serve everything from curries and sushi to sprouts and fried veg. I enjoyed it actually! While we were there the standard afternoon storm blew into town. It was quite a storm, lashing down with rain, thunder and lightning, with a rainy mist blowing in. Despite this it actually provided quite a scenic backdrop to the Petronas Towers and being inside we felt cosy and smug. I will warn you that you should expect to hear “Happy Biiirthday tooo ya” on average once every 12 minutes.



Lunch is about £15pp but includes a ticket to the indoor viewing level too, so the cost can be justified.
We spent the afternoon in town, using the Petronas Towers as our bearings.

They’re really quite spectacular. You can spend the morning queuing for tickets but a) iv been before and b) I quite like being able to see the towers in the cityscape so going up it takes away quite a key part of the horizon – i have the same opinion on going up the Eiffel Tower. Much better to go to a local bar (Sky bar in Traders hotel has a great view), particularly when they’re lit up at night.

When darkness began to fall we headed out to Bangsar, where a kind Irishman walked us to Bangsar village as we’d failed in our attempts to hail a taxi that direction. We found a spot in an expat bar called Social, where we waited for a friend of Jen and Sarah’s, who lives round the corner, to join. It was a bit like visiting Kensington whilst on holiday in London. It gives you a different view of the place, and with more additions to the group over the course of the evening we whiled the night away with a constant supply of chatter, crispy fried duck pancakes and lychee martini’s. Bliss!


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  1. I can only assume you would have mentioned this, but I have to ask…I see monkeys, but what about baby monkeys? And most importantly, what about baby monkeys riding on a pig (baby monkey)? Just curious.


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