The ‘travelly’ part of travelling

Today we put in the hard graft. 9 to 5 spent resigned to our seats in car/taxi/boat/taxi. Yawn.
Our man collected us from the hotel at 9 and we headed north towards Ipoh, complete with oversized supplies…nothing like a giant bag of Doritos to feel part of the culture.

At a lay-by in Ipoh we were bundled from luxury leather into a sticky, cramped taxi, where I proceeded to sleep for the next 2 hours (I can tell I’m in holiday mode when I’m able to sleep sitting upright). At Kuala Kedah ferry terminal we’d just missed our ferry by 5 minutes so killed an hour eating sandwiches the hotel had so kindly provided, and admiring the local transport.


An hour later we found our allocated seats on the ferry. It was actually a fairly pleasant crossing, with the only nausea-inducing element being the smell…a few showers might not have gone amiss, that’s all I’m saying.

We arrived at beachy Langkawi and dumped our bags. Some crisps, cold beers and duty-free gin (this island is famous for being duty free) on the balcony were all we needed to shake off the travelling slumber.
We found a beach bar and settled in for the evening. Lovely!







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