Langkawi; sunbathing in the rain. Oh hey Brits!

We’re SO lucky; the door to our hotel opens onto a lovely, long, echoey corridor. It’s the perfect set-up for the delightful cries and shouts of children at 7am, their cute little flip flops SLAP, SLOPPING up and down, up and down, up and down, aaaaall morning. Gotta love children, hey…? 😦

Fortunately we didn’t need a lie in as today was going to be a beach day. We FINALLY got our suncream on and headed out into the sun! Well…ok, yes, it was ever so slightly overcast with a few specks of rain, but a drop of rain never held a Briton back from a suntan…






It wasn’t long before the light rained turned to a heavy downpour, and we agreed it was time to head under cover. Where better to go than a spa, where we could have a foot massage, scrub and neck, back, shoulders massage for just £15. Done.

Back in the hotel we realised the truth about getting a tan even through the clouds. What was more obvious, though, was how you can burn through cloud. We’ve each volunteered a snap:

Whoops! You live and learn, eh!

Our night out was spent on Jalan Pantai Cenang, at both street bars and beach bars. The bars were quite quiet but one of the more memorable parts of the evening was my Flaming Lamborghini at Red Sky Bar – a tower of strategically, yet just-about stable, glasses of different shapes and sizes stacked on top of each other, with a glass of flaming sambucca poured over the top. I then had to sip a mix of baileys, kahlua, and drambui through a straw while the sambucca burnt it’s way down the structure. Good fun!





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