Langkawi: Leeches

We took a taxi to Seven Wells, about a half hour drive around the island. From here, we walked up 638 steps to some pretty waterfalls, where they’ve formed natural waterslides. They were okaaaay, but a large board showed that we were only at the first of 4 “camps”, and the fairly un-trodden route appealed to our adventurous side, so we slipped off amongst the trees to explore. It was a really nice, scrambley route that we had to duck and dive through trees for, as the recent storms had torn through a few paths.






We saw some interesting wildlife…

…including a very cool-looking ‘worm’ that was like a slinky, moving itself by flipping onto its head, then its tail, then its head. Everywhere Jen moved it would stop, reassess and move off towards her, head over tail. Then the penny dropped. It wasn’t a ‘cool worm’, it was obviously a flipping leech, yuck! It was only small but we were still a bit concerned.

We caught up with some Spanish tourists ahead with the things hanging off their calves and ankles and yelping. Sarah decided to turn back around with them but we felt our competitive nature kick in. We had to get to the top! We continued the climb for about 20 minutes, pulling ourselves up with rope for the last section, until we reached the top.


A huge anticlimax of a ‘peak’, surrounded by trees so no decent view or anything. Plus, I now had a bloody leech on my foot (well I exaggerate, just my sock actually). Still, so rank. As I yanked my sock off and hopped around like an idiot Holly ran to my side immediately, making sure to capture it on camera whilst munching on her nutritional oat bar. Jen proved much more useful. She found a little twig and whacked at it, repetitively saying “F off you f*?$#r”. It was no use. She hunted around for a bigger stick (Holly was just finishing off her granola, so watched on, laughing) and managed to get rid of it at last. We all checked our ankles were clear and set off at pace back down the mountain. Holly took an excellent cartoon-style tumble – probably all those oats weighing her down – but we got down at last with a few leeches jumping on along the way but being whacked off before they could dig their grotty little teeth in. Admittedly they weren’t huge leeches but they were still really gross.

Finally back at the waterfalls we jumped in to cool off, before finishing off a cold, fresh coconut juice to rehydrate as we watched locals mess around on the ‘slides’. An interesting day, proving that three blondes lost in a jungle can totally handle it!





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