Langkawi: When the sun sets

After our leech experience it was time to shake it off with some cocktails. The Cliff provides the best spot in Pantai Cenang to sit back with a cocktail as the sun sets around you, so that’s exactly where we headed.




We intended to go to the local night market but with 3 cocktails down we’d not left enough time to get there before it closed so instead found ourselves in a beach bar, with local grilled fish and nasi goreng. As we sat back and enjoyed the ambience, a revving sound told us that modern day chariots had arrived. Whilst we found the Aussies on scooters chatting us up in the middle of a restaurant quite amusing, the fella behind us most certainly did not.

After having a huge rant and rave about it being, “a restaurant, not a bloody car park” we found out he was actually famous, having once starred in the avengers. I’m too young for the reference but that’s the story anyway.

With their mopeds parked up, our new Aussie mates introduced us to the group they’d met during the day playing Beersbee and we joined groups. One of the great parts of travelling is the wide range of nationalities you meet. I didn’t need to learn any names as everyone was just called by their country: Germany, Austria, Finland…very helpful as I knew that I could talk in my usual fast voice to some, such as Captain America, but would have to speak more slowly to others who had more difficulty keeping up, such as the Aussies 😉



We then got a bit more into the whole travelly thing by setting off lanterns and watching them float away into the distance. Jen was worried about the dolphins so was a bit hesitant but a bit of good, old-fashioned peer pressure got her on board. Fortunately one ended up landing on the nearby jungle so that’s saved a dolphin, and probably killed a few leeches. Result.






One thought on “Langkawi: When the sun sets

  1. Well, U4R are certainly having a whale (!?) of a time. I can imagine swanning around like that and flinging a Frisbee or 2 (that’d shake the neighbouring wild life wouldn’t it!)

    Continue to enjoy! Good ole UK’ll will seem a bit dull when you get back L


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