Resorting to a resort

So here we were, resorting to a resort. Very different to any kind of travels I’ve done in a very long time, but meeting the objective of “somewhere we can park ourselves on a beach, catch some rays and think of little else”.
After a slight fuss at reception (complications with the room), and a further little issue over the ant trail crawling through our new digs, we settled in. But not for long…

We headed out to explore the island once the sun had set each night, and over the next few evenings tried a variety of local hot-spots. Pangkor village stank of dried fish, which seemed to take over every shop front. We had a nice meal but the atmosphere and view wasn’t really anything special.


20131203-095924.jpgDaddy’s restaurant, closer to the resort, offers stunning bay views as the sun sets, and a great food selection too, so comes more highly recommended.




After problems getting home the first night (slight understatement but won’t go into that one) we had learnt the importance of booking the return taxi when it drops you off, so we had to predict our nights a bit. This meant we headed back to the resort by 11pm each night.
Returning to the safety of our hotel we were then able to grace the pool table, fuzzball and dance floor with our presence. Unfortunately as we took to the dance floor with in-house filipino band X-spice…no one joined us….bit awkward, but we had fun all the same



(delicious baileys, banana and Kahlua cocktail as previously mentioned, above).

The following few days were spent between sun-lounger and sea, where we were treated to a plethora of sights, from an aerodynamic display by Red Bull stunt pilots to fishing trawlers carving up the marine subtropics and polluting the waves.

We also enjoyed the little monkeys playing around the island until they unzipped Jen’s bag while we were swimming and I had to run back up the beach, waving my arms ungainly and shouting out “shoo, go away, kaaaaaah kaaaaaah (kind of scary-eagle sound), raaaaah”.
They weren’t just little monkeys on the beach, as had learnt how to get into the balcony doors, naughties! Fortunately we kept ours locked but it didn’t stop them trying to sneak their way in!

We made the mistake one day of opting for a poolside lunch. Whilst the cocktail menu was divine (and begun an unhealthy addiction to Baileys, banana and Kahlua smoothies), the choice of pizza, hotdog and chips was somewhat disappointing for our newly refined taste buds. After this discovery we decided to break the fast late, and dine in the evening early so as to avoid this meal entirely. Speaking of breakfast, that was another interesting occasion – while we put away omelettes and bacon-loaded waffles (that was just the starter), we were pleasantly reminded that even in a resort the locals can still show themselves up. Cue: Mr Not-So-Discreet hacking up and spitting his lungs up over the side of the terrace. Seriously, what is WITH this coughing, hacking, spittiness?

On our last day the resort seemed much quieter and there was more activity from locals. I strolled up and down the beach watching and chatting to the local fishermen at work.





Holly and I were also entirely useless when it came to help shifting a beached fishing boat, so instead took photos and shouted out whoops and cheers whenever progress was made. YES, come on tractor, and be freeee little boat!




As we were waved away from Pangkor Island Beach Resort the heavens opened. When it rains it pours, and it at least provided some comfort that we weren’t having to say our goodbye’s to glorious sunshine.



That is, until we got to our car. The pre-arranged taxi, which we’d be in for the next 5 hours, was an absolute lunatic! As the rain smashed down he sped on down the road, overtaking like a crazy-man when he could barely see ahead. As I snuck a look at his speedometer I spotted it was still on 0…broken. Good.

Even when the rain subsided he continued chatting in his phone (this was common amongst taxi drivers but WHO is phoning all these cabbies ALL the time??) as he nailed it down the hard shoulder, undertaking lorries and coaches, we sat back in our seats and tried to relax based on the premise that relaxed muscles suffer fewer injuries than tense ones…

We arrived at check in just minutes before it closed and then that was that. End of holiday. The dream was over and it was back to reality….although we did manage to stretch it out a little by making Teh Tarik the moment we got through the front door. Yummy yum yum



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