Getting Festive on Ice

Having spent 2 weeks in sun, sea and serenity, I needed to now “get my Christmas on”. Fortunately I had a few mates keen to do the same thing. We’d heard that the ice rink in Canary Wharf was the biggest in London, and although big isn’t always best (you soon learn that about Christmas presents too, don’t you!) we set off to explore.

London Underground

 Tucked away amongst the impressively daunting high-rises just 5 minutes walk from Canary wharf station, we found the magical ice rink. It felt a lot like we’d arrived in New York, with all the beautiful fairy lights and towering buildings … now which way is Macy’s? Back in reality, a few of us were quite nervous, having not been on the ice for at least 12 months and our shaky knees felt even wobblier as we waited in the rinkside Juke Box Bar, watching a group of school children make skating on ice look like a walk in the park!

 Canary Wharf

When the clock chimed 6, we donned our little plastic boots and slipped onto the rink. Turns out we were actually quite good! Which is to say we didn’t face-plant the moment we stepped on the ice, or, in fact, at all that night! This is an instance where bigger is better. The rink is great and much more interesting than usual square or rectangle shapes, as it wiggles around a little route so you follow a path around rather than just constantly going around and around in circles. Once you’ve tackled the loop, you swoop into the larger, open area to practice your spins, twirls and arabesques!

ice skatingice skating

There were a few more serious skaters with their own slick boots who were making it all look a little too easy, although I’m sure, despite my blue buckle-up boots being very comfortable, it was simply the gear holding me back! I’d have been equally good as them if I’d been wearing these…

sparkly ice skates
If youre a bit of a novice, or have youngsters, you can always call on the little skating polar bears to help you balance, or you can watch everyone whizzing around the ice from the comfort of the on-looking bar. Whatever option you choose, you can swish away to music and really rock around the Christmas tree!

 ice skating

I’d really recommend a visit here. It’s not quite the Rockafeller centre but well worth the trip and costs a lot less than a flight to NYC!


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