Winter Wonderland

Every year since it opened, I make it my mission to get to Winter Wonderland in London’s Hyde Park. When it first opened (in 2009 I think?) it had a couple of rides, a handful of stalls selling chestnuts and mulled wine, and an ice skating rink. Now, as it continues to grow year on year, it is a touristy heaven of all-things-Christmassy. Being in central London it is, of course, absolutely rammed whatever day you go, and it can be rather frustrating wiggling your way through the masses. Despite this, I still love it. Why don’t I talk you through it…..?
First you arrive through the big entrance and take a wonder through the stall-lined streets, where you can buy anything from handmade Christmas reindeer decorations for your tree, to woolly hats with tigers on. 20131222-172536.jpg

After this you’ll want to sneak away from the crowds for a breather, so you’ll step into the Bavarian village and collect either a steaming mulled wine, or a chilled, 2-pint stein of glorious german beer from the bar. While you knock this back you’ll enjoy live bands rocking it out with either euro-pop, German classics or Christmas tunes – whichever it is, you’ll go along with it and enjoy the atmosphere!20131222-172548.jpg


You’ll have more than one. You can’t help it. Soon, though, you’re a little peckish, so it’s time to wrap up warm and head back outside. Of course you’ll spend some time taking in the various options available – you can’t just go to the first place you see…20131222-172603.jpg

Before opting for the only thing you ever really wanted at a German Christmas market. Bratwuuurst!20131222-172608.jpg

Make sure you use the squeezy udders to neatly apply your ketchup and mustard. 20131222-172619.jpg20131222-172628.jpg

And hopefully you picked the right stall to buy this from. If you did, you’ll turn around and find yourself at the FUN HOUSE! Ok seriously, this place genuinely cracks me up. It is so funny watching people slipping and wobbling over the moving and spinning walkway. It has me crying with laughter, despite not knowing a single person doing it!




Once you’ve finished eating and laughing you will probably want to continue soaking up the Christmas spirit so you’ll take a stroll to the rides. They look like quite good fun but you have to get magic tokens first and then you’re going to be looking at spending about £20 on just a handful of rides. 20131222-172700.jpg


Instead, you might prefer to spend your £20 more wisely, with friends, warm gluhwein and laughter. 20131222-172819.jpg


You will leave feeling more Christmassy than ever. And even when someone bashes into you for the tenth time on the walk home, or the train doors close 3 seconds before you can get to them, you’ll smile and think, “Well hey, it’s okay, it’s Christmas”

Merry Christmas everyone x


One thought on “Winter Wonderland

  1. Happy icicles – not on bicycles, Christmas cheer needs more than beer, mistletoe keeps you on the go, holly berries – prefer those cherries, pressies galore …and more and more, a lucky girl, all of a whirl, Silent Night, sleep well till it’s light, up in the morning, lots of yawning, just once a year for fun and good cheer, what shall I wear? some great new gear, Love to you all, take care, have a ball…I will!

    Bonny’s Christmas xxxx

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