Fratelli La Bufala, Embankment

If you find yourself near Embankment and in the need of something delicious to fill your rumbling belly, stop here, at Fratelli La Bufala. There are plenty of other options on Villiers Street but don’t walk past this place. Stop. Stop here. If you like Italian food and you like it real, fresh AND at a reasonable price, you really will enjoy this. 


The girls opted for a mix of the starters, which I thought looked a little bit “package bought”, but were apparently very tasty. 20131222-182123.jpg



The reason I truly believe you should visit this place is not because of the starters shown above. It is these bad boys below. The pizza’s are some of the tastiest and homemade around, made from fresh dough and with natural, fresh ingredients. Of each of the pizza’s we chose (from your normal, open pizza to two types of calzone) we all just thoroughly enjoyed the most wonderful flavours. It’s very obvious to taste that all the ingredients are completely natural, with no synthetic flavouring or additives. They’re made in a huge pizza oven too, which means they MUST be authentic, right?!20131222-182138.jpg




In fact, it was so good, that I was back in there after a few too many Christmas bevvies the following week, where at gone midnight they were more than happy to pop one in the oven for me to take away, which in my eyes, only makes them even more fantastic.

With the soft, delectable pizza dough munched down and the walk home through London’s beautiful night sky I was feeling fresh as a daisy by the morning. Result!



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