Retro Roller Disco.

This is me after school many years ago, in my roller skates, just loving life. Absolutely having a ball. At that age and height I could whizz around (with my…what is that?! Little plastic golf club?) at home each evening with some pop music playing and have a blast.

So, when recently asked if I would like to don some wheeled boots and scoot off around a raving dance floor for a night out I heartily agreed.
Excitedly I pulled together my loudest, brightest disco outfit.

Upon arrival we picked out our boots and very wisely, our wrist-guards too. You’ll want these


Sensibly, I thought, I’d calm the nerves with a few drinks first. Excellent plan. A few beers later we were good to go, so we excitedly edged over to the central skating disco ring.



After a few laps I’d actually had enough skating. I decided I didn’t like it too much. It was nothing like when I was seven! Since 7 I’ve ice skated and roller bladed, which both have a similar and not too complicated stopping mechanism (drag a foot, angled to the side, behind you to slow.)
Roller skates: different.
The stopper is on the front so I just needed to pick up a little bit of speed and everyone knows what would happen to my body if I jam on a front brake. Stupid design.
So, rather gladly I took myself out of the skate zone and grabbed a couple more beers. As I eased into the evening I started to get a little more confident in my boots. Things always go wrong when I get overconfident….


Coccyx well and truly bashed and bruised I careful slid my way to the shoe counter and swapped into something a little more comfortable, where I think it’s safe to say, I had a marvellous time!


It’s a dangerous world out there though, kids. Look after yourself!


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