Walking on my hands


I haven’t stopped blogging, I just had to take a little break. This is because I’ve not done ANYTHING worth blogging about.

Instead I have been busy learning a few new skills. Crutch-based, mainly. 20140320-133932.jpgSo I fractured my ankle about 5 weeks ago, and for a good while thought it was just bruised. Turns out I’d done a little more damage than that and after 2 weeks tiptoeing around/skiing I was popped in a cast for 24 hours and then a rather over-the-top big boot, which I wasn’t allowed to weight-bear on for a week or so. The thing I hadn’t ever fully appreciated about this situation, is that you don’t just lose the use of your leg, but your arms are out of play too as they contend with dragging your sorry-arse around the country on sticks. 




I’ve also learnt to deal with sitting down an awful lot. Getting a seat on trains (result!), chilling in my flat whilst dinner is being cooked for me (get in!) and sometimes a little bit of rooftop sunbathing. So I wasn’t complaining aaaaall the time. 20140320-134321.jpg

But you can’t spend your day just sitting so I thought it might be interesting to share life’s little complications on crutchiolas, now that I’ve managed to more or less shed them:

  1. The Pain. Oh, the pain. Not my ankle, oh no – my right leg was LIVING. THE. DREAM. But try carrying your entire body weight on just 2 hands, all day – my hands, my shoulders, my back, my neck, my poor little left leg taking the hit. Ouch.
  2. Hot drinks are a no-no. Unless you create a cleverly constructed route of chairs whereby you can place your coffee > hop a bit > move the coffee > hop a bit more. Etc
  3. Escalators. OK well I’ve learnt it NOW, but day 1 was problematic. They just keep moving and you’re trying to negotiate the best spot to hop, whilst balancing, and then the step rises and you off-balance. Ugh, not fun
  4. Getting ANYWHERE. A road that once seemed short and flat is now impossibly long and ridiculously inclined. And don’t get me started on stairs….unless you’re talking bumping down them on your bum. Weeeeeee!


  1. Carrying anything that won’t fit in a rucksack. Such as your washing. A plate of food. A shopping basket. Liquids in open-topped containers. A full bin-liner. A piece of paper from the printer to your desk. Chore, chore, chore.
  2. Food shopping. Ok so I’ve pointed out the issue with a shopping basket. “No biggie”, I thought. I’ll just get a shopping trolley and hop along behind it, holding on. This didn’t work either – they’re so slidey, you have to race along, hopping, behind it to keep up, grabbing things from the shelves as you whizz through the aisles, avoiding small children. It’s so exhausting, especially when take-away’s really aren’t THAT expensive these days….right?

Fortunately a week into this little escapade, my colleague failed to see a pot-hole one evening and after a quick detour to St Thomas’s was soon beside me sporting a very similar look.  I’ve got a few days on her, so she’s not ready for crutch-racing yet but as soon as she is…it’s on!


In the meantime, I’m working on The Crutch Challenge. 7.77 seconds is the balancing time to beat. Anyone done better?!




As of today, the crutches are a thing of the past and I am walking with the boot. Hopefully I’ll be back in action before too much longer, yippee!



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