Shooting the Square mile

Last weekend I headed to Monument with my camera.  I just had time to grab a quick coffee with Mum before meeting a larger group of avid photographers, and Jo, by The Monument. We were met by our “Shooting the Square Mile” tutor, Nick and before long and the course began. The aim of the day was to not only give us a little advice for when our camera’s were taken off the safety of ‘auto’, but also to open our eyes up the architecture around us and give us some ideas as to how to snap the structures more successfully.

First up we took a look at the Monument itself. The tourist shot would be to get as far away as possible, keep your eyes peeled for taxi’s, leaning back and snapping your camera.
The result would look a little like this:
Bad photo. 
You really don’t get a lot from this image.
Instead we were shown to think about little extra details that can be gained from giving your photo a few extra seconds thought – reflections, angles, lighting…
From here we moved to the Walkie Talkie. Another very impressive structure. I LOVED these photos and how they faded away to light due to the curve of the building. As you can see, though, I struggled a little with variety….!
IMG_4773 img_4780
Our meandering took us next to Lime Street – the road between the Willis and Lloyd building. I surprised myself by how much I liked these shots. Metallic structures aren’t usually my thing, especially when we’re so surrounded by them in London that they begin to blend in to the surroundings. But man-made shininess of these huge proportions make you feel TEENY TINY, far below. They also offered quite interesting reflections and lighting. 
IMG_4846 IMG_4847 IMG_4855 img_4847 img_4801 img_4808
The morning ended at the Gherkin. I tried to capture the stark contrast between old and new but apparently that wasn’t very creative. Quite a common shot, so I’m told. 
I’m sure close-ups aren’t too unusual either…
IMG_4892 IMG_4891
But I found the light reflection on the surrounding buildings interesting. 
IMG_4889 img_4887
IMG_4895 IMG_4897
We took ourselves off at midday and were instructed to have a quick lunch before going to explore Shoreditch to get our own photos to share with the group later. I decided to focus my efforts on reflections…
IMG_4901 IMG_4927 IMG_4954
But it wasn’t long before the lunch time bottle of wine kicked in and we got a little more creative.
I finished off with a few other snaps of things I spotted along the walk home. 
We ended in a warehouse to analyse our results. The ‘classroom’ session was actually really interesting because it showed how differently everyone perceived or shot things, despite walking the same route. There were a mix of beautiful photos and some slightly less good snaps, but the discussion that followed gave everyone the chance to share views and congratulate the better shots 😉
I didn’t learn quite as much about camera technique as I had hoped I would, but it was an interesting way to see more of London. Plus, for the discounted price I got the course at through Living Social I would thoroughly recommend it. 
Happy snapping x



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