Baked bone marrow and ox cheek delights

In the lunch break of our course we found ourselves stomping the streets of Shoreditch. I promised mum and Jo that if we walked for long enough we’d stumble across a great restaurant – quirky, unusual places are what East London is known for after all.


Just as Jo started to complain that it “smelt like travelling” and Mum decided we should just “grab something from somewhere soon”, we turned into a road and spotted a sandwich shop.

My hopes of a fancy, exciting lunch break were dashed as we decided it was the best we’d get. BUT THEN, I turned behind me and saw Beard to Tail. Even from the outside I knew it was just what we were after.



It was a cracking find!

From the beautiful tile flooring, to the quirky, eccentric artwork on the wall they hadn’t missed a detail.


IMG_4947 IMG_4935

IMG_4934 IMG_4933

We picked a table in the corner, and it was only after this that we spotted the table beside us had old-fashioned cinema seats – awesome!



All this walking had made us peckish so we dived into the menu. Mum and Jo opted for Eggs P.I.G, a toasted brioche bun topped with BBQ pulled pork and poached eggs. To be fair it did look VERY special.

IMG_4938 IMG_4942 IMG_4939

I thought I’d try something new so cautiously asked fort the baked bone marrow and ox cheek. This was served with garlic parsley crumb inside a caramelised red onion shell, whiskey butter and grilled sourdough. I also snuck in a side of crispy parmesan polenta chips with the most delicious side-sauce. It felt like a real indulgence and definitely something I’d have again – a real joy to find new foods to add my virtually never-ending list of ‘likes’!

IMG_4940 IMG_4944

I’d 100% recommend this place. The food was delicious, and thought-through, and despite much of Shoreditch being a little too ‘out there’, this place is just the perfect amount of quirky.





One thought on “Baked bone marrow and ox cheek delights

  1. Well Bon! that was quite a tale…I thought at first the décor was proving more enticing than the grub… but it came good and was obviously a great find…one to remember

    Looking forward to your next post

    agb xx

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