Electric Run London


A few weeks ago (yep a bit late on this post!) – we got our brightest, neon-est colourful sports kit on and headed out to Wembley. It was time for the Electric Run, a 5k night time fun run around Wembley, with bright lights, loud music and a party at the end. Fun!

We’d been informed (incorrectly, as it turns out) that they weren’t serving alcohol as the purpose of the evening was to feel full euphoria simply from the running endorphins and the great tunes.

Something like that.

So we went to the pub.



Once suitably painted up and ‘bright’, we hopped on the tube and made our way to the start line.



We were in the last ‘pack’ to set off, which gave us a long wait in the queue, dancing and singing away and getting in the mood for it all. After about half an hour, we crossed the start line and attempted to race off. There were SO many people in the way and it felt like a bit of an assault course as we hopped and jumped over and around people trying to keep up with Barkie’s speedy pace. Worth it though – endorphins = euphoria, remember?



Along the route there were loads of little attractions to stop at, such as UV tents and tunnels. Definitely made it more of a fun run than anything serious, which was good. 20140526-153949.jpg


We finished the run and found the stage, but it was surprisingly quiet. I had thought more people would stay on and enjoy the evening, but most seemed to have left in search for isotonics and ice baths or something. Boring.


I don’t think I’d do it again as it’s one of those things that once you’ve had the experience of you probably felt the magic there and then, but that said, it was a really great fun evening and I’d recommend it to others to do at least once.

Here’s their Facebook page  -follow them to find out when the nearest race near you is on. Enjoy! x


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