Monster Munch Fancy Dress | Twickenham Rugby Sevens


The other week it was one of my favourite events of the year – the Twickenham Rugby Sevens. It’s the HSCB Sevens World Series, and to many rugby keen-beans it IS very much about the rugby. But for the other 90% of us the Saturday part of the two-day event is all about getting your best fancy dress outfit on and getting the beers in.

This year the theme was ‘Monsters’

When given a fancy dress theme I tend to like to stretch the theme a little, think outside the box etc.

Em came up with a fantastic idea of going as Monster Munches, and whilst we may not have been alone on that idea, I think our wonderful creations were the best there were there. Obviously.

So. Bedsheets at the ready, we got to work.


And, about 4 evenings of paint and pen later, we were ready. 3 packets of Monster Munch!20140526-161917.jpg20140526-162041.jpg20140526-162055.jpg

We began the day with a boozy breakfast at ours, which is a tried and tested approach to ensuring i’m tucked up in bed by midnight. Sensible, hey?!

Unfortunately it does mean that the photos go downhill from here.

I also can’t tell you a single thing about the rugby, other than that there were definitely some men in little shorts running around in my peripheral vision as I knocked back my cider. I don’t know who won, but nor do I care. I had a jolly good time – that’s what it is ALL about!

Instead, here are some lovely pictures of some more monsters.

20140526-162253.jpgWho’s coming along next year?! x



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