Coconut Milk with anything fruity = smoothie

I had some fruit and veg at home.

Enough to make a man from.

This was exciting in its own right, but I felt I had to do something more with it.

Sorry fruit-man 😦


I grabbed a can of coconut milk on my way home and whizzed all my ingredients together, and the result was delish.

For this smoothie I used 2 oranges, 1 mango, 3 carrots and about 3/4 can of coconut milk. The avocado would have been an excellent addition but green+orange=brown and I wanted my smoothie to look as bright and exciting as possible.

The end result of this experiment was quite chunky, with plenty of bite – something I tend to like in a smoothie anyway (I put oats with yoghurt-based ones too, for example)

For a smoother finish you’d need a better blender than me, or time to squish it through a sieve.

20140526-173800.jpgI ‘fridged’ an extra portion in a cling-filmed glass, and it kept perfectly overnight in the fridge (no discolouring or settling into layers like many do), so it was a great breakfast too. Definitely something to try out and prepare the night before if you find yourself rushed for time in the morning.



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