A weekend in Copenhagen | Part 1


I love visiting new places, and, as we got the first bottle of Prosecco in at Gatwick Airport last Friday, our latest adventure began.
A weekend break has to begin from the moment you leave the office to ensure you make the most of your time away, so as the second bottle of Prosecco went down as well as the first we began to settle into holiday mode. The flight was a breezy hour and a half, that passed by with the usual non-stop chatter you’d expect from 4 girls.


It felt like we’d barely been in the air before it was time to land, and as we reached for our bags from the overhead lockers the lady in front smilingly exclaimed, “gosh, you are obviously VERY good friends!”

The train from the airport to Copenhagen Central Station is super-easy, and from there we were just a 5 minute walk to our apartment. It became immediately apparent from the nature of the establishments around us that Laura had found us a place in the red light district. Awkward.

However this was shortly forgotten about as, after climbing five floors of stairs, we reached our apartment for the weekend. This had been found on airbnb, one of our favourite rental accommodation sites.  It was an absolutely beautiful apartment. Air bnb offers anyone with a spare room or apartment to open it up to the general public as a bnb/room to rent. This top-floor flat boasted views over the city, stunning design (as it soon became clear was simply the nature of Copengagen) and space for all 4 of us to fit happily.  And all just £20 per person, per night. Winning!


He also had some most of the most magnify-cent things to look at…


As it was already quite late we hurried out to explore. We grabbed a bite to eat nearby then headed out to a bar. Although smoking is now banned in Denmark, we managed to find one of the few small bars that still allows it – whilst there is a ban, establishments less than 40 square metres in size that don’t serve fresh food allow it. The thick smoke did create an atmosphere that I’ve not seen in bars for years, but without access to a washing machine, it added a schmooookey aroma to our clothes for the rest of the holiday. Mmmm.20140626-144328.jpg

The next morning we headed out in search of Tivoli gardens as they had come very highly recommended. The entire area was surrounded by an enormous wall, only serving to heighten our excitement and intrigue! But as we found the entrance it just looked like a theme park so we avoided it and went in search of the real Tivoli gardens. Turns out, these really were them! They are apparently very pretty inside but manage your expectations accordingly – don’t expect a picnic in a quiet, overgrown secret garden – it was very shrieky as the rides rocketed around their rails, and we decided to steer clear.

Instead, we ambled through the (very quiet) city and found ourselves at a canal-side restaurant. The whole of Copenhagen appeared to be elsewhere – many have houses out of town – so the waiter who was enjoying his easy life was not best pleased at having to serve us.


It seemed like just a normal café but oh my woooord the burger was incredible. The photos just couldn’t do it justice. The bun was melt-on-your-tongue brioche, meeeelty Port Salut, medium-rare burger, mayo, lettuce, relish, oh my gosh my mouth is watering just thinking about it. Ultimately though, it was the softness of both the burger and the bun that made it so spesh. (I fact, the burger was still being talked about on the flight home…)


Bellies full, legs rested, we continued our stroll past bike after bike. They just LOVE their bikes. Definitely would be a nice way to whizz around the city, but only if you’re comfortable both on a bike and on the opposite side of the road. Otherwise, a bit dangermouse.


We came across The Church of Our Saviour, a very pretty church that can be seen from across the city.


So we HAD to go up. It’s a long climb up narrow stairs. This is fine, unless you get a little sweaty-palmed with heights…




But if you are happy enough with tall, open-air towers, the views are stunning and I think it’s well-worth the climb.




Just don’t wear a billowing big skirt. Idiotic.


Safely down on firm ground, we realised we were really close to Christiana, which had come recommended. It is definitely worth a visit as it is really quirky, lively and unusual, but I wouldn’t go near it at night. It is an area guarded by its own special laws so ‘a lot more goes’, and as such they don’t allow photography once inside. That alone somehow makes it all the more fascintating!

I managed to get a few pics from the edges of the neighbourhood, that give you a bit of a feel for things.






After Christiana we found ourselves at a bit of a dead end. Jo missed the benches and opted for the floor beneath her feet to do her research. Next blog I’ll share more about where Jo’s research took us…




Until next time… x


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