A weekend in Copenhagen | Part 2


As our day in Copenhagen continued, the weather continued to switch between beautiful sun and heavy rain. It made things VERY tricky to plan so we continued our jaunt as we tried to work out what to do next.

We came across this wonderful little floating beach, Kayak Republic on Børskaj 12. It was suspended in the water, but attached to the dock of the canal so despite the wind we sat ourselves down, ordered a beer and pretended to be in warmer climates.  How very British of us!20140627-160735.jpg


When the clouds (and, who are we kidding, the cold wind) got the better of us we took a brisk walk to Nyhavn where we finally began to find the throngs of tourists we’d managed to avoid all morning.


As we wandered, we wondered. We wondered what was missing from our trip and it didn’t take long to spot that most people had wonderful big ice creams in hand. We immediately followed suit and it was a terrific decision. I’m yet to find a food Copenhagen can’t do well.


To rub in the fact that I had been given the tiniest scoop of chocolate brownie ice cream (note: the photo is before I’d even had a lick), Sophie threw herself on as many giant ice creams as she could. Meanie


We still hadn’t been to visit one of the most famous points of Copenhagen, so, noticing we were the right side of town, we began to walk towards the Little Mermaid. As we walked, we delighted in the warmth of the sunshine and groaned at the weight of our unnecessary coats.

But, as we were quickly learning with Denmark, the weather is so damn unpredictable and it was only moments later that the heavens opened and we had to run to take cover from a tropical downpour. Cue soggy ice creams.


When it had stopped raining, just 5 minutes later, we continued towards the sculpture, and, as you can see from the photos, the sun shone brightly once again – a very confused weather system.

Here, ahead of the gathering crowd, we spotted ‘The Little Mermaid’, by Edvard Eriksen. The statue was inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale of the same name and was a gift from Danish brewer Carl Jacobsen to the City. Jacobsen had fallen in love with the character after seeing the tale performed at a ballet.


As famous as it is, it is very small, and the location is tucked away from the main centre of Copenhagen, with a backdrop of factories and container ships. Regardless, it was a nice enough walk there with the stunning architecture along the waterfront, so I wouldn’t deter anyone from visiting. And, as we turned away from the statue we found another really powerful statue to enjoy.


From here we walked to the Kastellet Military Barracks just behind the statue. It still functions as part of the Danish Military and we ambled around the star-shaped (see pic below – v cool) fortress whilst runners from every direction got their army training in.




After a day on our feet, it was time to head back so we hopped on a train from Østerport station back to Copenhagen Central. The trains are huge and totally empty. Plus, the standard seating feels like first class and has fully-functional wifi in case you need to do more local research or catch up on emails. Once back, we had a quick change and headed out to town.


Dinner at Apropos on Halmtorvet 12 was as delicious as we’d come to expect (although unfortunately the photos don’t quite do it justice).


Everywhere we popped into all evening was just super-relaxed. We ended in a great bar (I think it was called Paté Paté on Halmtorvet 12), that looked like a bowling alley from the outside, with large BOSCH lettering, but was just great inside. As the wonderful waiter ensured we had all the wine and cheese we needed for the night, we settled into a very happy evening.




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