A weekend in Copenhagen | Part 3


Our day began in our lovely airbnb apartment with a hearty breakfast. Some say holiday’s aren’t about cooking your own food, but this apartment was made for breakfasts, with all its lovely mismatched crockery and morning sunshine.




With about 100 steps to our apartment, we made sure we had everything we needed for the day and headed down our tower. First up, we headed for a canal tour. We were undecided between two options of what to do. Option A was a canal boat full of tourists but where you could learn some culture and history about the city. Option B was to hire our own little boat where we could soak up the sun with a bottle of something bubbly, but essentially retrace the canal-version of the streets we’d already walked, with no insight into what we were actually seeing.

I was, unfortunately for everyone else,  far too keen on option B, so we had to re-group at a café, have some coffee and make a plan that suited everyone. The café was delightful and the caffeine cleared our heads.


The decision was made that a canal boat steered by someone else,   on a route he knew very well and would not get lost on, was probably the best bet given our dwindling energy levels. It was a Sunday, after all.

We hopped aboard, sat back and enjoyed the view.



I’m not really big on history myself but some of my favourite snippets were: 

Snippet 1) The collapsedy boat.


Snippet 2) The wavy man on the Royal Boat. 


Snippet 3) Saved a great fact for last. A man on one of the big boats pressed the wrong button one time and shot a torpedo into some houses and blew 3 up. BAAAANG!

 I’m sorry, if you came here for history you’re probably in the wrong place.

 We also saw lots of pretty boats – house boats, fishing boats, canoe…boats….


Another thing I enjoyed on our little float was the architecture – it really is a beautiful city for design, with a mix of old and new blending beautifully together. The canal tour is a great way to see the buildings as it gives you enough distance to admire them in their surroundings, rather than having to arch your back as you stand in their shadows on the streets below.

If you’re into history too, the guide seemed ever so well informed, and I apologise for not being able to do her justice.


On dry land, we went in search of food. On the way we passed the Round Tower, which had been on our tick list, but given Laura’s ‘lack of interest’ in heights we decided to just enjoy it from ground-level. If you decide to tackle it, it is step-less, we are told, so you just wind your way up and up a slope. Must be a killer on the calves, but fun to come down!


We found a nice open square to enjoy some Italian cuisine for lunch. Unfortunately the clouds hadn’t had the chance to empty themselves yet so as we finished the last of our pizza, they once again burst open. We took the opportunity to duck in and out of shops and roam the wet streets.





A trip to Copenhagen wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Carlsberg factory. It usually closes at 5, and it takes about 45 minutes to walk there from the center of town but luckily for us they were open a tad longer for some reason, so having underestimated the walk, we got there with plenty of time to enjoy it.


There was a lot of history on Carlsberg but we now know what I’m like with history. However I saved a good pub quiz one. Did you know that Carlsberg is named after the founder’s (Jacobsen) son Carl, and the factory that was based on a hill (berg). Good thing I remember all the useful bits.



When you near the end of the tour you can see lots of machinery used in the brewing but they don’t have explanations about what each thing is for. This is a shame as it means it’s a bit of a guessing game, and not as informative or useful as it could be – I would imagine it would be worth getting a guide if you’re interested in that sort of thing.

If not, there are horses.


And beer. Free beer.



On our way home to we stopped by a ‘Spinning Wheel of Happiness’ – something more places should have. It was a nice little pick-me-up…


…and then the sun came out. Just as we boarded the train home to England.


 Good one, Copenhagen.


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