A whistle-stop tour of Liverpool


The other weekend I jumped on a train to Liverpool.

One of my very favourite people lives there with her boyfriend and cats, although I’m not sure why I feel the need to justify the reason for my northbound ventures; Liverpool is lovely.

I’ve only ever visited for nights out in the past, so knew very little of the city, apart from hazy memories of jagerbombs and sticky dance floors, followed a few hours later by cups of tea and plates of toast to prepare myself for the trip back home again.

To make sure I saw the very best Liverpool had to offer, we had a jam-packed 24 hours. We began, of course, with our bellies.

20140811-130625.jpgAlmost Famous is a relaxed, friendly burger joint serving up the most indulgent array of juicy, pink burgers. That said, the meat is barely noticeable beneath the lashings of sauces, toppings and flavoursome fillings. The fries are smothered too – we opted for Bacon Bacon fries (yes, as amazing as they sound – chips with baconnaise sauce (Bacon hit 1) and bacon bits (Bacon hit 2))

Before diving in, I took some time assessing the ‘triple threat’, deciding how best to tackle the beast of a burger in front of me. I gave it a big all-in-one attempt, but failed so resorted to opening it out in its little plastic tray and dug in.20140811-130630.jpgThis isn’t your Michelin-type food menu. It is a naughty, dirty muddle of all things bad. But so bad it’s good. I ate until I wanted to cry from the straining stomach pain, and even then felt slightly anguished when the waitress collected our almost-empty chip bowls, and with it the remaining 5 chips that I’d been eyeing up.20140811-130633.jpgReduced to a food-coma, we slunk off to find somewhere to lie down. Having seen Liverpool ‘after hours’ before, and given I was not drinking, I was perfectly happy with the offer of a cuppa and bed, ready for our early start.

We began the day with a brisk walk around the very pretty Sefton Park, as we needed to walk off more burger to make space for brekkie.

Brekkie was courtesy of the local farmer’s market, where we stocked up on pastries, eggs, bacon and fresh fruit.20140811-130640.jpgI love the friendly community feel that you get with street stalls. One chap even gave us discounted eggs for being ‘just so beautiful’ 😉

20140811-130644.jpgWhilst Benno cooked up a breakfast bonanza, I played around with these guys.20140811-130648.jpgI’m not really a cat person. I’m not actually even an animal person to be honest, so I wasn’t sure what the fuss was about. But, thanks to Luna and Whiskey I actually want a pet cat now. Well, 2 pet cats. They were so playful and friendly. Why would I ever not like cats?!

Dogs, we’re still working on.

Next on our Liverpool agenda was a trip to visit the giants.

YES! GIANTS!!20140811-130652.jpgAs part of ‘Memories of 1914’, these huge puppets took to the streets of Liverpool to commemorate 100 years since World War 1 began, and I was lucky enough to be there for the same weekend. The Giants – a girl, a grandmother and a dog – wandered through the streets, sharing stories of people who signed up with the Liverpool Pals during World War One. As we watched the Grandmother make her way to her end spot in front of us, the crowds got thicker and thicker.20140811-130704.jpg

The Lilliputians clambered around her, animating her, adding glasses to her face, and a pillow behind her head so that she could read a war story. The story was supposedly from her grandson and was based on a real letter, sent home during the war. It was incredibly moving, and the giant was so well animated throughout, blinking, moving her head and arms etc.



We got a quick view of The Little Girl, before making our way down to the Docks (excuse pixilated image – we struggled to get very close)20140811-130720.jpg




It was absolutely boiling so we bought ice creams, but mid-photo the heat got too much for my flake, and it slipped out. A lesson in life to eat MUCH faster. And take fewer photos.20140811-130736.jpgI could have spent ages wandering around the docks, especially as it was such a glorious day. There was a real buzz all around, and loads of beautiful buildings to admire.20140811-130742.jpgTo make sure we could see the whole lot, we got a ride in the big wheel. Here we learnt all about Liverpool’s history. A few key facts:

  • Liverpool holds the Guinness Book of Records title for being the Capital of Pop. More artists with a Liverpool origin have had a number one hit than from any other location
  • Liverpool is the most successful footballing city in England, home to both Liverpool and Everton. It has won 27 League championships, four European Cups, three Uefa Cups, one Cup Winners cup, 11 FA Cups, and six League Cups
  • Liverpool has the largest collection of Grade II-listed buildings outside London. The city has 2,500 listed buildings and 250 public monuments.


So, with rich heritage, football success and a winning music industry, what more could you wish for?20140811-130746.jpg


Liverpool, I’ll see you again soon.


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